Create a Project with a Working Example of OpenL Maven Plugin Usage

OpenL Tablets has an archetype which can be used to create a simple OpenL Rules project containing an example of OpenL Maven Plugin usage. Execute the following command in the command line:

  mvn archetype:generate

Maven runs an archetype console wizard. Select the openl-simple-project-archetype menu item. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete all steps of the project creation wizard. After all steps are done, a new maven-based project appears on the file system. It is an OpenL Rules project which has one module with simple rules. To compile the project, in the command line, execute the following command from the root of the project folder:

  mvn install

After that, the following objects can be found the target folder:

  1. A ZIP file without suffix, for importing a project to WebStudio. For more information, see [OpenL Tablets WebStudio User Guide].
  2. A ZIP file with "-runnable" suffix, that can be executed after unpacking. It demonstrates how OpenL rules can be invoked from the Java code.
  3. A JAR file that contains only compiled Java classes.