OpenL New feature and Improvements 2022-2024

This presentation will cover the new features and improvements made by the OpenL team between 2022 and 2024 that are beneficial for OpenL users to be aware of.


Overview of OpenL Tablets self-service infrastructure

In this videocast you will be introduced to the OpenL Tablets WebStudio application (5.11 version) and how an analyst can use it to make changes to a rules project. We will use the example of an insurance rating plan as the basis for a rules project. You will also be introduced to the Rules Repository, which stores rules projects, and will be shown how to edit project rules in either the WebStudio Rules Editor or using Microsoft Excel.


Basics of rules tables: Decision tables

You will get to know basic concepts of OpenL Tablets business rules and their processing, listen to short overview of all rule table types supported by OpenL and learn the syntax required to develop rules in format of decision tables, as well as review examples and see a demonstration of rule development for this table type.


Datatype tables - the way to define domain model

This videocast will explain you what is datatyping and its role in creation of business rules, what is domain model (data model) of a rules project and how to develop it using datatype table types. Also you will explore predefined data types supported by OpenL and a way how to make your own project vocabulary. At the end, demonstration of datatype and data tables creation via WebStudio tool is provided.


Development of Calculation Rules: Spreadsheet Tables

The nature of business rules are various. Not just decisions are to be made, but different calculation logic and formulas are required to be designed. The videocast reviews how to develop calculation rules using OpenL Spreadsheet Tables. You will learn basics of Spreadsheet rules and the syntax required, as well as review examples and see a demonstration of a rule tracing functionality in OpenL WebStudio. Test tables are discussed as well.


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