In Release 5.26

New features

  • User Email and Display Name in WebStudio and Git Commits 
  • Support the most popular clouds: AWS, Azure
  • Git LFS support


  • Introduce and support Combined SpreadsheetResult type in Decision tables
  • WebStudio multi user mode improvements (several users to work with different modules of the same project, more notifications etc.)
  • Cloud support improvements 
  • Number of Rules syntax improvements


  • Stop Java 8 supporting in favor to migration on Java 17
  • Removed SOAP/WSDL endpoints
  • Removed WADL schema generation
  • Removed Swagger v2 schema generation
  • Docker images will use Jetty instead of Tomcat
  • Removed *Value types in favor to Java native numbers (DoubleValue, IntValue and e.t.c.)

Later Releases

New features

  • ACL security
  • Customizable business dimension properties
  • Test cases creation from xml/json log
  • Smart Spreadsheets - extra AI/ML augmented processing
  • Smart Rules further improvements and simplification
  • Rules algorithm analysis tool for performance and errors
  • Table editing in Google Doc and/or Excel Live365 Office
  • Color schemas to apply automatical table formatting 
  • Global variables
  • Internationalization kit


  • Variations functionality new implementation
  • More usable UI in Webstudio - merging and unifying Editor and Repository views
  • Data and Constants table types versioning
  • Rules syntax improvements
  • Better errors management
  • much more


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