Easy Business Rules

OpenL Tablets targets the infamous gap between business requirements (rules and policies) and software implementation.

Designed to be straightforward and intuitive for business people, OpenL Tablets made its rules representation impressively close to documents usually created by business (it intends business requirements, etc.).

Users can focus on logic as all data, syntax and typing errors are checked while they write rules. Convenient tools help to ensure rules integrity while further editing.

One-click deployment of rules as efficient, scalable and standardized services for micro-services based implementations makes business logic simple to consume in OMNI-channel usages and applications.

For Java developers, OpenL Tablets provides many additonal rich usage scenarios in which all rules and business data can be embedded in applications or customized for seamless integration with other frameworks and technologies.

OpenL Tablets is open source and free to use.

There is more at What is OpenL Tablets?

OpenL Tablets 5.25.13 is available.

This is a maintenance release which includes and improvement and bug fixes:

  • An exception message is more informative now in case of Rule Services failure.
  • Fixed an incorrect text in the error if the rule name starts with a number.
  • Fixed a non-informative error message if the OpenL Tablets keywords are used in the table incorrectly.

More detailed information you can find at Release Notes.

All artifacts are ready for Downloads.


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OpenL Tablets 5.26.1 is available.

This release introduces several new features and a number of improvements and bug fixes:

  • msg() and format() functions which support locale bundles are introduced.
  • An ability to specify context data into OpenL rule as a separate argument is added.
  • A Date() function/constructor and supplementary functions for manipulations with the Date object are introduced.
  • and more

More detailed information you can find at Release Notes.

All artifacts are ready for Downloads.


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