Version 5.1.1 contains a number of new features and improvements, see the change log for details.

Version 5.0.6 is a technical release, see Release notes for details.

Version 5.0.5 is a major release, containing many significant new features and improvements. The most important are introduction of the Production and Development Time repositories, browser-based Table Editor, Vocabulary and Business-Expression language(BEX).

On Java API side it is now possible to wrap Excel OpenL Module using Java-proxy classes implementing pre-defined interfaces. WebStudio and Repository are now integral parts of the OpenL Plugin.

For more details refer to Release notes and other documentation.

We would like to introduce new members of our team who worked hard on new OpenL Tablets release and express our gratitude for their efforts, expertise and devotion.

Version 4.1.1 has significantly improved performance for certain types of the often used conditions. It contains announced earlier [Performance Benchmarks] that allow to measure and compare OpenL method performance interactively. The changes make OpenL Tablets arguably the fastest Decision Table Engine among the existing Java rule engines.

The other changes include some usability improvements and a few minor bug fixes. For more details refer to Release notes and other documentation.

Version 4.0.1 contains completely redesigned and upgraded Web Studio. It has been done with an intention to move project development and maintenance further toward the browser-based interface and improve business and technical user experience at the same time.

With OpenL Tablets Web Studio you now have an ability:

  • View projects in different customizable display modes suitable for both business and technical audience
  • Create Unit Tests for OpenL Decision Tables and Methods, ran and trace them
  • Display and explain the results of the Unit Tests and Runs
  • Display compile- and run-time errors, providing links to the original Excel document
  • Dynamically re-load of OpenL projects, including changes in the project classpath
  • Make table-oriented Advanced Search in addition to the full-text search that was available before

    For the full list of the changes please refer to Release notes

    It's been a long time since the last update. The OpenL Tablets have been successfully used in many exciting new projects. Unfortunately, all these activities prevented us from the publishing of the new version earlier. Hopefully, it was worth the waiting. From now on we promise to shorten the update cycle and release the updates every 2-3 months.

    Despite the enormous amount of changes in this release, all the projects developed with the previous version(s) should remain compatible.

    For the full description of the Web Studio and OpenL Tablets functionality please refer to the Online Documentation

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