OpenL Tablets welcomes new members of the development team from Minsk - Feb 15, 2008

We would like to introduce new members of our team who worked hard on new OpenL Tablets release and express our gratitude for their efforts, expertise and devotion.

Here they are:

Aleh Bykhavets
Java Software developer. Aleh designed and developed OpenL JCR-based repository.

Aliaksandr Antonik
Senior Developer.
Aliaksandr developed our new powerful AJAX/JSF-based Table Editor, rules web-service plug-in and actively participated in other parts of the project.

Andrei Naumenko
Andrei is a Java developer with experience in building Web applications. Andrei's interests include object oriented design, agile development and principles of building high quality programs. Andrei always strives to reach beautiful design and clear code.
Andrei moved WebStudio UI to JSF platform and developed significant portion of repository UI

George Astashonok
21 years old, about 3 years in IT industry. QA Engineer.
George provided all kinds of the testing and performance analysis, making sure that OpenL Tablets becomes a powerful, robust player in the enterprise-software field.

Sergey Zyrianov
Sergey is a broad-minded person. He's mostly experienced in Java and C#. Sergey participated in development of both small applications and enterprise distributed systems. Recently he worked as Team Leader.
Sergey's ability as a Team Leader is the real reason behind his team's success. Despite his relatively young age, he has a solid understanding of the software development process, new technologies and team building. In addition to Team Leader's duties Sergey was actively involved in all parts of the project as an analyst and architect.

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