Release Notes

v3.1.0.7 on the GitHub


    • Build contains some minor changes that were required for Web Studio introduction
    • Web Studio prototype is available.
    • Updated documentation, added Web Studio simple manual and screenshots

Code changes

  • OpenL Version and Build are now programmatically available using org.openl.main.OpenLVersion.getVersion() and org.openl.main.OpenLVersion.getBuild() methods. Main modules now display version and build when start. It will become handy when (if?) people start coming with support requests.
    Nobody came so far. I still wonder is it a good sign?
  • Fixed problem with empty nodes in Indexer, they were inadvertently inserted there after failed search
  • Emergency fix for missed re-export of org.apache.ant plugin
  • Cleaned up build, removed unnecessary jars
  • Removed obsolete Configuration Project
  • DT API now reflects more structural information (was required for the converter)
  • Added Tutorial 3 - Advanced Data and Decision Tables
  • Added OpenL Tablets Deployment.htm
  • Added Data arrays of primitive types
  • Added Tutorial 2 - Intro to Data Tables
  • Fixed few problems, most important - "for" loop error


  • Ant-based and property-based configuration now 100% optional. All configuration can be done through Java classes + import statements within spreadsheets
  • There is no need to install lang.config project
  • There is no need for file
  • Environment Table has new field "import". It is responsible for all the package imports. This is to be used instead of .properties file
  • The name of language configuration is by default "". Therefore field language is now optional.

Functionality Upgrade

  • Decision Tables now support other return types than void. This is done by using new RET(return) columns. They work like regular actions with only exception: once RET action is executed, the result of action is immediately(!) returned as return value of Decision Table method. This feature is very useful for all Decision Table with lookup-like functionality. The type of RET column(s) must be compatible with return type of Decision Table Method Header.


  • Updated Getting Started
  • Added OpenL Tablets Structure and Semantics

Tutorials and Examples

  • Modified existing examples to reflect changed configuration mechanism
  • Created Tutorial… step-by-step set of self-documented examples that demonstrate OpenL Tablets features

Bug Fixes

  • Method OpenLTool.makeOpenLMethod() did not validate return value type properly - fixed

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