Release Notes

v4.0.1 on the GitHub

Project Display Name

To change the display name of the OpenL Tablets project go to build/ and change the property "displayName". Then run "Generate ... Wrapper" command from Eclipse Run menu and refresh the project in Eclipse. If WebStudio is open, refresh the project in WebStudio

Business View and Developer View

To address the important issue of having business people involved at the early stages of the project development when business-friendly UI have not been developed yet, Web Studio now provides two display modes: Business and Developer. It defaults to the Business Mode.

To switch between modes click on "Web Studio" text on the Top Menu.

Developer Mode is more or less "show all" mode.

New Functionality in Web Studio

  • Unit Tests
  • Run
  • Trace
  • Explanation
  • Advanced Search

Improved look of Excel tables in Web Browser

Web Studio now displays Excel tables using Excel formats for numbers, dates and borders. There are still some compatibility issues due to the fact tha Excel and Html are not 100% compatible, but for the most commonly used Excel formats the results will be very close

Session Timeout

Tomcat default timeout is set for 30 min in conf/web.xml. After a timeout Web Studio will display message and restart web application.

OpenL Changes

The only change worth mentioning was the change of in semantics of the == operator for Strings. Now it is different from standard Java semantics - it still works with nulls, but if both operands are not null it uses equals() for comparison. If this change is accepted by the OpenL community, we are going to expand this semantic change to Dates and other quasi-primitive types.

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