Release Notes

v4.1.1 on the GitHub

Performance Optimization

Decision Tables performance has been improved. Indexing has been provided for certain types of conditions resulting in significant performance improvements, especially for the large tables.


Interactive Benchmarks have been added for all methods. User can run and compare benchmarks. Added Tutorial 5 with Performance and Benchmarks examples

Web Studio Start Screen Customization

Simple customizations can be applied to Web Studio start screen. Now you can impress your boss and your clients with custom look and feel by defining the following System Properties:

  • -Dorg.openl.webstudio.header.image - for header image file
  • -Dorg.openl.webstudio.intro.html - for right frame initial html or jsp file
  • -Dorg.openl.webstudio.tree.bcgr - for project tree background color

Bug Fixes

Fixed new "Simple OpenL Tablets Project" template. It contained an obsolete reference. The problem could be fixed by running "Generate Wrapper..." script in Eclipse.

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