Release Notes

v5.1.1 on the GitHub

This release contains several new features, improvements in the build process and, as always, bug fixes.

IMPORTANT NOTE. Due to the change in the Rules Repository Schema, you would have to scrap the old version of the repository. Don't forget to save your rules somewhere else before doing this.

The Formal Introduction of the OpenL Constrainer

While Constrainer have been a part of the OpenL Tablets distribution for a while, now is a good time to introduce it formally. This is an exciting piece of the technology that definitely deserves it's own project, but we have made the decision to keep it under OpenL Tablets umbrella. There are a few reasons for this

  • OpenL Constrainer is the main technology behind our almost patented Decision Table Consistency Checking algorithm (see below)
  • Reversely, the Constrainer benefits from other OpenL technologies, for example, mathematical constraints formulas look nicer with operator overloading, logical problems often look better in the table form, as our new Tutorial 6 conspicuously called Sudoku Puzzle may demonstrate

New Features

  • Decision Table Consistency Checking for under-coverage and overlapping between rules
  • OpenL Repository now supports user-defined tags


  • OpenL language now supports BigDecimal and BigInteger arithmetic
  • Build process have been streamlined to work with Maven2
  • Data Tables now allow to enter the Fake Primary Key for the types that do not have a primary key field.

Bug Fixes

In this release a lot of efforts have been spent on streamlining build process, improving compatibility with other products and platforms etc. Therefore most fixed bugs and issues had internal nature.

Here are a couple of bugs that may be of interest to users:

  • JIRA-257 Firefox 3 inserts an extra wrong symbol in Table Editor
  • JIRA-339 Bug in Decision Table in formulas like '=1

For more details on new features and improvements see documentation

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