Release Notes

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New Features

Variation functionality

In highly loaded applications performance of execution is a crucial point in development. There are many approaches to speed up your application. One of them is to calculate rules with variations. A variation means “additional calculation of the same rule with a slight modification in its arguments”. Variations are very useful when you need to calculate a rule several times with similar arguments. The idea of this approach is to once calculate rules for particular arguments and then recalculate only the rules or steps that depend on the modified (by variation) fields in those arguments.

In OpenL Tablets Business Analyst can increase performance of rules recalculation for variations by setting specified properties in the Rules table which allow: to switch on/off using cache while recalculating the table; to define the way of recalculation explicitly (recalculate always, never or analyzing the Rules table logic).

Dynamic Interface Support

OpenL Tablets Web Services application supports interface generation for services at runtime. If static interface isn’t defined for a service, the system generates it for you. The system uses an algorithm that generates interface with all methods defined in the module (or, in case of multimodule, in the list of modules).

WebStudio Installation Wizard

Implemented WebStudio Installation wizard which helps user to launch WebStudio and guide through the setup process for the first time. While installing, user have possibility: to define: a working directory; to select user mode as Single-user or Multi-user; to choose which Database to use for managing users in the application.

OpenL WebStudio Installation Wizard



  • Implemented new most likely asked-for functions to work with, such as isEmpty, removeStart, removeEnd, subString, replace, startsWith, endsWith, sort, dateToString
  • Implemented validation for condition values of alias datatype (or Alias Datatype[]) in Simple Rules

    Validation for condition values

  • Added possibility to define expected result as null or Empty in Tests Tables
  • Improved existing SELECT ALL, SELECT FIRST functionality, added ORDER BY, SPLIT BY and TRANSFORM TO operators, explicit definition of the element for working with collections (arrays)
  • New keywords «Test» and «Run» for Test and Run Tables types accordingly are introduced


    • Implemented Wizard for creating Simple Rules Tables

Wizard for creating Simple Rules Tables

    • Implemented Range Editor which is embedded in Table Editor for editing values of Range datatypes

Range Editor

    • Implemented Production Repository/ies UI for browsing deployed projects

Production Repository/ies UI

    • Implemented Services (deployment) configuration UI for defining service interface (service url, service name, provide runtime context, binding, variations etc.)
    • Added possibility to create a project from OpenL Tables Tutorials and Examples

Creation of project from OpenL Tables Tutorials and Examples

  • Redesigned WELCOME page to present useful info about OpenL Tablets
  • Updated titles/hints for buttons and properties in WebStudio to be more informative
  • Added project filter to Repository Editor
  • User management improved: Added admin privilege in the list of privileges
  • Improved project tree UI
  • Improved performance
  • A number of other UI improvements

Web Services:

  • Added deployment isolation feature: dependencies can be defined just between modules of one deploy configuration


  • Core: table property “Name”
  • Core: functions format(Date date) and format(Date date, String format)

Fixed Bugs

  • Core: FloatValue Round Issues - incorrect values in some cases
  • Core: [Dispatching] Dispatching works incorrectly in case in the overloaded tables only one has business dimension properties defined
  • Core: Project class loader isolation bug / Lazy module loading bug
  • Core: [Lookup] In case the cells of conditions are merged Error appears
  • Core: [Run] In case of running table with collection of nulls error 'View expired. Test data is no more available" appears
  • Core: [Spreadsheet][Core] Incorrect results of Sum operation for some cases
  • Core: There is no setter method in class for the fields with any type
  • Core: In case if the included project datatype is defined incorrectly module won't be loaded
  • Core: [Test] Different result after summands changing
  • Core: Empty results after running tests for runmethod table
  • WebStudio: Fix memory leaks
  • WebStudio: Cannot start WebStudio in case path to workspace contains spaces
  • WebStudio: Prevent breaking table styles after adding properties
  • WebStudio: After Time Out Login page displays at the middle of the screen
  • WebStudio: [Explanation] 500 Error appears at the Explanation screen for NaN result
  • WebStudio: Dependency manager : Error messages from the depended project displays in main project only after Tomcat(eclipse) refreshing
  • WebStudio: Dependency/dependent module is not refreshed implicitly
  • WebStudio: In case when two project modules contain spaces in their names and they are combined together by include after Saving changes new file is created
  • WebStudio: [Security] User with permissions to Edit and Create Deploy Configuration cannot create/modify DC from the Rule project
  • WebStudio: Error 'The maximum number of cell styles was exceeded.' displays after copying table
  • WebStudio: Spreadsheet results do not display properly if there was a method call in the cell
  • And a lot of other issues

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