Release Notes

v5.10.2 on the GitHub



  • Implemented implicit comparing of expected and returned results in case of Double types with considering of meaningful digits while launching Tests


  • Displaying complete Spreadsheet Result of TBasic (and other Table types) rule or another Spreadsheet table while launching its Tests

Web Services:

  • OpenL Tablets Web Services independence from OpenL Core libraries as Runtime context classes are copied into a new package

Fixed Bugs

  • Core: Memory leaks were fixed correctly
  • Core: Error at the spreadsheet (cannot bind custom SpreadsheetResult type caused by sequence of tables in a file sheet
  • WebStudio: True/False should be displayed for every tested cell of the Spreadsheed Result
  • WebStudio: Incorrect html element on a test result screen
  • WebStudio: [WebSphereAS] Error 500: javax.servlet.ServletException while trying to save a table in WebStudio with opened Excel file

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