Release Notes

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New Features

Table Part

A Table Part functionality enables the user to split a large table into smaller parts (partial tables). Physically in the Excel workbook the table is represented as several Table Parts but logically it’s processed as one rules table.

This functionality is suitable for cases when the user is dealing with .xls file format and a rules table exists with more than 256 columns or 65,536 rows. To create such rule table, the user can decompose the table into several parts and place each part on a separate worksheet.

Vertical merging of Table Parts

Horizontal merging of Table Parts

Testing Tool: Precision

A new property ‘Precision’ is designed for testing of Double results and specifies precision of comparing the returned results with expected ones while launching tests.

There are some cases when it is impossible or not needed to define exact numeric value of an expected result in Test Tables. For example, non-terminating rational numbers such as π (3.1415926535897…) must be approximated so that it could be written in a cell of a table. Property Precision is used as a measure of the accuracy of the expected value to the returned value. It means that if the expected value is close enough to the returned value then the expected value is considered to be true.

Testing Tool: Results Paging, Displaying failures only

There are cases when a user wants to examine results of failed test cases only. For example, the project contains a test with more than 50 test cases and the user needs just to know whether project rules are operating correctly, it means all test cases are passed. For such situations WebStudio provides option to display failed test cases only. In addition, the user can limit the number of failed test cases to be shown for one unit test.

Moreover, results of executing all module tests are displayed by pages (with several resulting tables per page). It improves performance of displaying a huge amount of tests results.




  • Added possibility to specify attribute values explicitly for each element of an array in Data, Test and Run Tables using a new syntax <name of the aggregated object>[i].<object attribute>
  • Added possibility to specify the relationship between two tables in case one table contains values which are defined as part of another data table, using the syntax > <referenced data table name>.<attribute name> <column name>
  • Runtime context classes got MIT License


  • Provided an option to create / connect to a secured repository
  • Implemented Easy Editing of Rules workflow by updating and exporting a Rules module directly from Rules Editor, exporting a single module file from Repository
  • Provided a new function Unlock for a user to unlock a project which is edited and, therefore, locked by another user
  • Internet Explorer 10 Support
  • Implemented “User details” page enabling a user to update their profile information or change the password
  • Added possibility to specify a number of history files to be saved for a project
  • Added validation on a Project and Module name to check forbidden symbols
  • Implemented applying WebStudio System properties without Web server Application restart
  • Automated database migration process based on Flyway tool
  • Oracle, MS SQL databases Support
  • Number of UI improvements such as: displaying the number of failed test cases of the test, grouping of table properties, a new warning messages design, etc.

Web Services:

  • Support annotations in Dynamic Interface (variations, dispatcher annotation, etc.)


  • 'Custom Spreadsheet Type' option of WebStudio is turned on by default
  • Migrated Rules Repository to v2.4.4 of Apache Jackrabbit


  • Introduced OpenL Tablets Demo project
  • Included openl-simple-project in Maven Archetype


  • Eclipse plug-ins are deprecated starting from Release 5.11 and going to be deleted in future releases

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bugs related to Array Index operators functionality
  • Fixed bugs related to table editor: Increase\Decrease formatting isn't saved in case 'Bold' option is selected previously
  • Fixed sorting for projects filter in Rules Editor and Repository
  • Fixed bugs related to “include” feature
  • Fixed error related to custom SpreadsheetResult binding
  • Fixed incorrect test result in case Spreadsheet is returned from TBasic type table
  • Fixed several bugs related to “Explanation”
  • Fixed Date editor for not-standard date formats
  • Fixed bug with security permissions in Repository

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