Release Notes

v5.13.0 on the GitHub

New Features

Update project in Editor from zip file

The whole project can be updated directly in Editor from zip file with project contents. The Update button is available for a project in the ‘In Editing’ status in the top line menuin WebStudio.

Update the project

Warning message will appear if existing project structure differs from uploaded one.

Dependency manager support for Java code

Dependency manager will propagate all imported packages from dependency modules. All imports will be inherited by module from its dependencies and import instructions are not required to be repeated.

Management page for Web Service application

OpenL Tablets Web Service application replaces the default page from CXF to contain all the deployed services with their methods in more appealing UI, removing not essential technical details and adding time stamp when the service was started.

Auto detection of Spreadsheet cell types

Spreadsheet table will autodetect the type of its cells with OpenL formulas in them. In previous versions OpenL Tablets always assumed that the type of formula was DoubleValue and explicit type definition for the cell was required in case of other type. By default the behavior of previous versions is used in this release. In future releases the default behavior will be changed to allow auto detection of cell types.

To switch on auto detection for the cells the new property “Auto Type Discovery” (autoType) for Spreadsheet table should be set to ‘true’. In future releases the property default value will be changed to ‘true’.



  • Optimized performance of dispatching between versions of rules overloaded by business dimensions
  • Apply dispatcher functionality for single table with business dimension properties
  • Improved Runtime Context and Runtime Environment creation API by adding factories
  • Implemented lazy loading of test cases input parameters for Run and Run All tests buttons
  • Added function ‘getValues’ gets all value for Alias Datatypes
  • Added function ‘flatten’ converts multidimensional array to single dimensional by concatenating it
  • Implemented ability to set default value (keyword _DEFAULT_) in Datatypes for fields of compound type
  • Implemented functionality to test nested spreadsheets (more than 2 levels of nesting)


  • Added Google Analytics support in WebStudio. Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources
  • Added possibility to edit module’s name on the Module page
  • Updated leave page functionality
  • Implemented secure URL for all pages
  • Implemented capability to add custom templates to rules project creation dialog
  • Added filter to hide overloaded tables
  • Improved Export functionality: implement possibility to export current version of project from Editor, add possibility to export file from project in ‘Closed’ status.
  • Added showing of wildcards for modules and appropriate editing
  • Added description for file name pattern property for a projectChanged icons for ‘View history’ in Editor
  • Added display of ID of datatype instance which is tested in brackets Improved user password security: salt and stronger hash for a password
  • Added UI for admin to reset passwords of other users
  • Added redirect to requested page after login
  • Added bookmarkable URLs in Editor: project/module/table page, test results page, target navigating between modules
  • Added Test Settings for button Test for rules tables

Test table Run menu

  • Added display of ID as separate column for all test tables (even in case it is not defined) and ‘Range of IDs’ to run selected list of test cases

Web Services:

  • Added filter to remove default methods from deployed service
  • Added support to return SpreadsheetResult type data
  • Added support for projects which name contains Cyrillic symbols
  • Simplified settings for web services

Demo package:

  • Added Welcome Demo page
  • Changed Demo Package to work on JRE

Libraries Updates:

  • Upgraded libraries Spring 4.0.5.RELEASE and CXF 3.0.0

Fixed Bugs

  • Error appeared after opening deployment in Production repository
  • Unable to view input parameters for overloaded tables in Trace window
  • Error appeared after exporting just uploaded file
  • Could not open the proper table in trace in case rule called another overloaded rules from another modules and rule table used indexed condition
  • Project was compiled several times in case of switching to single-module or multi-module mode
  • It was impossible to define more than 256 fields in Datatype table
  • Error appeared after deleting .jar file in Repository
  • When retesting test table input parameter were changed every time
  • Fixed several bugs related to use of index condition: added support of more argument types, improved support of available ranges
  • Couldn’t display table in explanation in case when necessary rules were from different modules

Deprecated Features and Changes

  • Tag “type” of a rules project descriptor (rules.xml file) is deprecated
  • Default <OPENL_HOME> directory for workspace is changed to \Users\<username>\.openl\

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