Release Notes

v5.15.0 on the GitHub

New Features

New implementation of conditions indexing

New more robust and less RAM consuming implementation of indexing conditions in Decision Tables (Rules, SimpleRules, SimpleLookup) is introduced. Indexed conditions significantly improve calculation robustness. The previous implementation of condition indexing was memory greedy what could cause significant RAM consumption for huge rules sets. New implementation introduced different algorithm of parsing conditions to decrease complication time. Several approaches were applied to decrease RAM consumption:

  • 2-dimensional lookups use 2 indexes instead of one
  • new condition column header(MC) for merged condition rows

Full schema description in WADL

Web Services application generates full request schema for REST services. The schema includes all argument types, their fields’ names and types, enumerated lists. So auto discovery of services is enabled by using WADL.

Reduce memory usage in core

Several internal implementation parts were improved to make OpenL Tablets to consume less RAM and compile rules faster.



  • Improve dispatching algorithm: blank business dimension property will match any values
  • Improved performance and parsing time for ranges


  • Do not create rules.xml after deleting module from project

Web Services:

  • Initialize selected modules at web services startup when using lazy loading
  • Parameters names transformation for REST is standardized to avoid capital/non capital discrepancies
  • Suppress warning message about module name mismatch with file name pattern for each request


  • Added ‘rules-deploy.xml’ into all examples and tutorials
  • Added building of wars for WebSphere to avoid need of deleting extra libs
  • Updated cxf to 3.0.3 in Web Services applicaton and added cxf 2.7 in databinding to support cxf 2.7 based client projects

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed compilation of OpenL Tablets source code under Linux
  • Fixed getValue function
  • Fixed inability to cast from CustomSpreadsheetResult[] to SpreadsheetResult[]
  • Fixed display of variations arguments in requests: arg0, arg1 were displayed instead of parameters name
  • Fixed inability to name Datatype as any reserved java class names

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