Release Notes

v5.16.0 on the GitHub

New Features

New business dimension property Origin

A new business dimension property Origin has two values ‘Base’ and ‘Deviation’. This property allows creating hierarchy of more generic and specific rules. Rule with property value ‘Deviation’ has higher priority than Rule with property value ‘Base’ or Rule without property value. Rule with property value ‘Base’ has higher priority than Rule without property value.

Repository deployer

Repository deployer is a new utility class that allows deploying OpenL projects to production repository (DB, RMI, WebDAV, etc.)



  • Improved performance of dispatching between rules versions
  • Added array index operators support for arrays of SpreadsheetResult type
  • Added boxing for primitive value types
  • Added support of ‘_DEFAULT_ ‘ keyword in Datatype to generated code by OpenL Maven plugin
  • Completely removed Word support
  • Added supporting of CW value for US State property


  • Improved performance of Explanation and Trace

Web Services:

  • Added RMI publisher which allows deploying rules projects as RMI endpoints
  • Added support for projects containing spaces in URL inside rules-deploy.xml in Rest services
  • Added default values into generated WADL
  • Improved databinding to add support of variations in JSON

Demo Package:

  • Changed Java options and added port setting inside setenv.bat file


  • Added support of Java 8
  • Deleted ‘rules-deploy.xml’ from all examples and tutorials
  • Upgraded POI to v3.12
  • Renamed properties Region and Province to Canada Region and Canada Province correspondingly
  • Updated CXF to v3.0.5 (Web Services application only)

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed parsing of empty value in Alias Datatype
  • Fixed issues with property Auto Type Discovery
  • Fixed memory leaks for Run and Test tables
  • Fixed concurrent test cases execution for T-Basic table
  • Fixed precision applied to all result columns in Test table
  • Fixed broken links to Datatypes where there was a space in the link
  • Fixed calculation with BigDecimal values

Migration Notes

  • Do not use “+” operator to concatenate numeric and string values

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