Release Notes

v5.17.0 on the GitHub

New Features

Multiple service versions in Web Services

This feature allows to have multiple versions of the same service deployed and call an appropriate version. It helps changing service API if necessary and maintaining compatible API for service clients sensitive to API change. All versions of the service will be listed on Web Services page with a version number defined in brackets. WebStudio provides UI to define versioning for rule services.

Wildcards support in Module Dependencies

A list of dependency modules can be defined using wildcards in Environment table. All modules matching wildcard pattern will be loaded as dependency for the module

Integration with Activiti

We introduced integration artifacts for Activiti BPM. Adding these new modules to your application will make OpenL Tablets services easily accessible using BPM tasks and expressions

Storage for Web Services log

Implemented ability to store service requests and responses log in database. By default Apache Cassandra database is used



  • Improved functionality of specifying the relationship between two data tables: added possibility to reference a particular data value defined in another data table
  • An empty cell behavior changed in data and test tables where a collection of values is expected. Null will be returned instead of empty collection
  • Added support of the package name in full java class names in rules
  • Added operator intanceOf(object, Class)


  • Added the rule return type displaying in hints in Rules Editor
  • Improved rule module load time right after its editing by skipping reloading of module dependencies
  • Added dispatcher table for a single rule table overloaded by business dimension properties
  • Improved load time for the tree in Trace
  • Added drop down list to select value(s) for the cell where list of possible values is known in Simple Rules tables

Web Services:

  • Added script based deployer of rules projects to databases (without UI)
  • Improved WADL description for default values of Date type
  • Added default DB settings to rules production repository properties for Web Services


  • Changed projects revisions to 1 in Demo package (previously the revision was 0)
  • Upgraded Apache commons-collections library to v3.2.2 because of security vulnerability of v3.2
  • Removed dependency on commons-beanutils and commons-io libraries from Core
  • Migrated POI to v3.11

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed startup problem of Web Services configured with JNDI settings under WebSphere
  • Fixed creation of production repository database schema in Demo when configured with JNDI settings
  • Fixed links to fields of datatypes in WebStudio
  • Fixed loading error in a module when overloaded rule tables use datatype which contains incorrect default value
  • Fixed returned result display for Empty expected result in test tables
  • Fixed work of Simple Rules with an array of values as returned result
  • Fixed how overloaded rules handle empty value for business dimension property

Migration Notes

  • Test and Data tables will return 'null' instead of empty collection when the cell is left blank
  • Migration notes for configuration properties
5.16.2 and before5.16.3 (and 5.17+)
production-repository.local.home production-repository.uri
org.openl.rules.repository.factories.DBProductionRepositoryFactory org.openl.rules.repository.factories.JdbcDBRepositoryFactory
org.openl.rules.repository.factories.WebDavJackrabbitProductionRepositoryFactory org.openl.rules.repository.factories.WebDavRepositoryFactory
org.openl.rules.repository.factories.RmiJackrabbitProductionRepositoryFactory org.openl.rules.repository.factories.RmiJackrabbitRepositoryFactory
org.openl.rules.repository.factories.LocalJackrabbitProductionRepositoryFactory org.openl.rules.repository.factories.LocalJackrabbitRepositoryFactory
production-repository.jcr.nodetypes Removed

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