Release Notes

v5.17.2 on the GitHub


  • Added ‘group’ property in deployment configuration so the same production repository can be shared between differently configured instances which expose different rules projects. Web Services instance can be configured to use only one or several groups. The approach of having separate repositories should be preferred when possible
  • Deprecated modeshape warning log messages while deploying projects to repository stored in DB
  • Changed behavior of round(value) and round(value, scale) functions for Double to be the same as for DoubleValue. Added functions roundStrict (value) and roundStrict (value, scale) for Double
  • Added simplified development workflow for continues integration focused approach: first you package rules projects as jar files inside Web Services and then during Web Services startup the rules projects will be auto-deployed to repository

Migration Notes

  • round(value) and round(value, scale) functions for Double will behave differently on boundary cases. As Double values follow IEEE 754 specification arithmetic operations with them result in inaccuracy with scale of unit of least precision (ULP). Rounding operations will try to eliminate this inaccuracy and return the result that could have been expected if the arithmetic operations were accurate. New functions roundStrict (value) and roundStrict (value, scale) will provide the old behavior and will disregard ULP arithmetic

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