Release Notes

v5.18.1 on the GitHub

New Features

On demand verification of rules in WebStudio

WebStudio can be configured not to check rules consistency and validity on each edit. New button 'Verify' will appear after any rules changes if ‘Verify on Edit’ is switched off in WebStudio. Automatic verification won't be executed in this case which can help to save time with multiple edits in very large projects. The default behavior of automatic checks after each edit is still recommended for majority of users

If setting ‘Verify on Edit’ is switched off, verification process is not launched automatically on every ‘Save’ button click and user needs to click 'Verify' button:  

Postgres database support

We've added support of Postgres database as storage for rules projects and deployments. The configuration settings are consistent with other databases



  • Added support of default value for array attributes in Datatypes
  • Implemented overlaps validation for properties values
  • Improved performance of versioning (dispatching by properties)
  • Added lazy loading for modules in project


  • Added Active Directory support for logins
  • Modified Trace: added context tree with applied values
  • Added labels for empty values in Test tables
  • Separated display of Alias Datatype tables and Datatype tables in tree
  • Added validation of missing tables body
  • Added support of different rule service versions of rules projects for backward compatibility
  • Modified filter for Other tables type

Web Services:

  • Improved performance of server startup

Demo Package:

  • Added information console with help and tips for cases when required environment is not installed


  • Removed dependency to log4j library from Core
  • Removed generating and display of gap overlap tables for overloaded rules in WebStudio

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed error 500 HTTP inside Trace tree for ambiguous cases in overloaded rules
  • Fixed NullPointerException error for Decision tables when conditions order was changed
  • Fixed bug of casting arrays from one type to another
  • Fixed parsing order of rules headers with CustomSpreadsheetResult type inputs
  • Fixed bug in range conditions in SimpleRules

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