Release Notes

v5.19.4 on the GitHub

New Feature

  • Added support of MariaDB and PostgreSQL databases for authentication.



  • Arithmetic is made null-safe: null is equal to zero in addition and subtraction operations; and is equal to one in multiply and divide operations
  • Operations are made null-safe

Demo Package:

  • Dynamic client is used instead of static

OpenL Maven Plugin:

  • Added possibility to get beans from previous build when 'clean' goal is missed
  • Added possibility to attach zipped OpenL artifact without a classifier if there is no conflict with already packaged artifacts


  • Added support of Oracle v12c
  • Added support of MariaDB and Amazon Aurora databases for deployment repository
  • Added possibility to upload new projects to the design repository via REST

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed issues with incorrect behavior of Groups in Admin
  • Fixed an incorrect display of username contains international letters
  • Added Java types to Openl value types explicit casts
  • Fixed an issue with configuration for Multi-user/Production mode
  • Fixed an issue with round method
  • Fixed an incorrect behavior of 'Lock' functionality for Deploy configuration

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