Release Notes

v5.19.5.1 on the GitHub



  • Added warning message when user initiates editing of not the last revision of the project


  • Added Black/White lists to codesteps convertor

OpenL Maven Plugin:

  • Added validation on quantity of included libraries

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed issues with incorrect behavior of Project status
  • Fixed an incorrect display of tooltips
  • Fixed an issue with predefined configuration with two production repositories
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect uploading of the file via REST
  • Fixed an issue with project exporting
  • Fixed an issue with defining of default values in Datatype for various Java types
  • Fixed an incorrect behavior of 'Open revision' and 'Close project' functionalities
  • Fixed an incorrect behavior of 'Open the table in Excel' button in CentOS
  • Fixed an issue with creating a new WebStudio working directory in Install Wizard in CentOS

Updated libraries

  • Removed dependency on CGLIB from the OpenL Core

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