Release Notes

v5.20.0 on the GitHub

New Features

New table types SmartLookup and SmartRules

New tables allow to write inputs that are not conditions and use it to call methods inside the cell. New tables support Fuzzy search logic and compound return type. Collection and List are implemented.

Support Generics for methods

Support Generics for methods (Support only GenericArrayType and TypeVariable).

Support Active Directory groups

WebStudio can be configured using Active Directory. Authentications is possible using credentials from Active Directory.

Support Single Sign On authentications

Single Sign On CAS and SAML protocols support in WebStudio.

Show appropriate input elements for input parameters in Run Table page

In WebStudio we can run tables and pass some parameters. Run table dialog is improved and for the most types it shows appropriate input element. E.g. if the type of a field is boolean, input is displayed checkbox. Applies to inner fields of complex parameters too.

OpenL maven plugin configuration for 'deploy' goal

OpenL maven plugin configuration for 'deploy' goal.



  • Added support of parallel execution for array parameter calls
  • Implemented possibility to define compound results without mandatory merges for complex type
  • Fixed return type value for all possible functions (flatten, etc)
  • Added compilation error message if TBasic contains not existed variable
  • Added concatenate function
  • Added slice() function for array of objects
  • Added length() and trim() functions for String


  • Changed confirmation message beginning from "Updated" to "Created" after "deploy" operation
  • Improved error message about restrictions for properties of particular table types
  • Changed Production Repository to Deployment Repository
  • Added Active Directory configuration step to the Install Wizard
  • Deleted duplicated and unused styles when table is saved
  • Improved error message 'The value '' is outside of domain []'
  • Removed custom spreadsheet result and dispatcher mode options from Webstudio settings page
  • Removed possibility to change 'Version in deployment name' option in admin
  • Removed combobox for database type in Install Wizard
  • Moved Demo radiobutton in the top of screen in Install Wizard
  • Improved Deployed Configurations table
  • Removed 'Locked' status for Single-user mode
  • Allowed to fill map and list fields
  • Added sorting for groups/users in Admin
  • Changed UI to adapt users to new WebStudio where logical name equals to physical


  • Implemented repository integration with Amazon S3 storage
  • Added privileges verification for REST client

Web Services:

  • Added generation of with default settings
  • Added possibility to expose methods that differ in signature with the rules or doesn't exist in the excels
  • Added possibility to access Rating Domain model classes from the interceptors classloader
  • Deployment of empty projects does not expose SOAP/REST services now


  • Added possibility to test big projects with huge amount of test data
  • Added info into logs about project compilation
  • Used imports in environment table in specified order
  • Added ability to specify request parameters names for ServiceExtraMethod feature


  • Refactored repository in WebStudio to not load rules.xml from all projects
  • Refactored LastVersionProjectsServiceConfigurer to do not scan whole repository

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed incorrect work of errors links for merged cells
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect returned spreadsheet result in case spreadsheet column(row) name contained spaces
  • Added validation of already existed name of Datatype tables, Datatype Alias tables
  • Fixed an error in case name of method and module's name are the same
  • Added validation for 'Use the Range" field: same ids, '-' in _id_ column
  • Defined ulp for BigDecimal type values as a half of maximal ulp of both numbers
  • Fixed an incorrect work of anyTrue function if array is empty
  • Fixed an incorrect checking of Alias datatype in input arguments on runtime
  • Fixed an incorrect work of dateToString(date, dateFormat) function if dateFormat parameter contains $ sign
  • Fixed an incorrect work of MethodSearch function between primitives and Object
  • Eliminated redundant compile exceptions
  • Added possibility to show elements of HashSet, HashMap and other collections
  • Fixed an incorrect behaviour of input parameters while rerun several times the same test case
  • Fixed an issue with comparing functional of incorrect project
  • Fixed an issue with "Condition is always true" warning
  • Fixed an issue with Deploy Configuration refresh
  • Added possibility to copy rest modules with path pattern in case 2 and more modules with pattern are defined via equal name
  • Added possibility to create the project with broken rules.xml
  • Fixed an incorrect displaying of "Found duplicate of field" error
  • Fixed an issue with adding property to the table with two columns
  • Fixed an incorrect behaviour of comparison of "Empty"
  • Fixed an incorrect work of versioning for JCR repository
  • Fixed an issue with clicking on 'Pencil' icon in the error message
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect project's status for different users
  • Fixed error text in case the first user deletes deployment configuration and the second user unlocks it at the same moment
  • Fixed an incorrect behaviour of module updating
  • After project has been unlocked it's status changed to Closed for all users
  • Fixed an issue with creating the project through the workspace while the file is opened
  • Fixed minor UI issues

Updated liraries

  • Apache POI library was updated to v3.17
  • CXF libraries were migrated to v3.1.13
  • Jackson library was updated to v2.8.9

Migration Notes

Rules Service

The following properties were changed

version-in-deployment-name = true version-in-deployment-name = false

Changed behavior of the Deployment Repository because of the performance issue. In exceptional case it can be restored old behavior using version-in-deployment-name=true.


Java 7 is used as minimal supported version (Java 9 is now supported). Added validation of duplicated packages/classes inside OpenL WARs.

OpenL Rules

The implicit casting from Double to Integer was removed as error-prone. So use a correct argument type or use round function.

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