Release Notes

v5.21.1 on the GitHub



  • Made ability to create several repositories with the same Oracle DB instance but different usernames
  • Added validation of names of deployment configurations


  • Now RuleService does not deploy failed services each time if they are not updated
  • Redesigned a root page. Updated Swagger UI
  • Added Dockerfile for RuleService, WebStudio, DEMO

Fixed Bugs


  • Fixed a compilation failure in multi-threading execution when lazy compilation is used
  • Fixed declaration of arrays in Data/Test tables
  • Fixed assignment of empty values for arrays in Data/Test tables


  • Fixed an issue when a deleted project from deployment configuration is not deleted from Deployment Repository


  • Fixed an issue when REST services do not accept capitalized argument names
  • Fixed wrong basePath in Swagger service description


  • Fixed a deployment to a DB repository when org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.DataSourceFactory is used


  • Fixed an issue when RuleService is not working under security manager in JRE 9

Updated libraries

  • JSTL and Spring-webmvc libraries were removed from RuleService

Migration Notes

Rule Services

Switched to slf4j adapter in CXF library instead of direct usage of log4j

Deleted deprecated org.openl.rules.ruleservice.publish.WebServicesRuleServicePublisher

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