Release Notes

v5.21.10.1 on the GitHub

New Feature

New function like() is implemented as replacement for complex RegExp pattern matching.

  • like("(541) 754-3010", "(###) ###-####") -> TRUE
  • like("Mike Gordon", "@+ @+") -> TRUE
  • like("123-ABC", "#-#-@") -> FALSE

Fixed Bugs

OpenL Maven Plugin:

  • Build failed sometimes in parallel mode


  • SmartRules: Error sometimes appear in SmartRules "There is no index X in the sequence"
  • SmartRules: Columns are matched incorrectly on compound return type
  • Copy() functionality doesn't work with Array parameters
  • Error appear on Running tests for copy() function for List Datatype
  • Impossible to calculate max and min if parameters belongs to different explanation types


  • Error "Datatype validation is failed..." is displayed to user on datatype updating if project has dependency
  • Error "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException" appear in tests if 2 modules with dependencies have equal aliases which are in different datatype packages


  • Project deploy failed if project contains property "lazy-modules-for-compilation name=*"
  • Project successfully deployed when 'serviceClass' has incorrect method return type
  • Webservice doesn't work with AWS S3 repository because of missing properties

Notes: Please pay attention that build OpenL 5.21.10 is faulty. Use OpenL instead.

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