Release Notes

v5.21.11 on the GitHub



  • Improve performance of copy() method
  • Remove threadlocks on Spreadsheet tables


  • SmartRules: Add hints to the return columns

Fixed Bugs


  • "Something went wrong" error is presented if user selected "by File" in table tree
  • "Something went wrong" error when user fails to go on another page by clicking "Back" button or Table Link
  • Incorrect text in Installation wizard with the correct one in Configure initial users section
  • "Something went wrong" error is displayed on table opening if project contains 2 modules with datatypes with the same name, but different fields
  • Trace functionality hangs on tests for big projects
  • Warnings appears in log file for Trace functionality
  • Incorrect link to the resources (missed contextPath)
  • SmartRules: Incorrect hint for return column - AliasDatatype in complex object
  • SmartRules: Incorrect hints if condition matched on a field of custom datatype


  • MethodSearch doesn't work with Generics and Arrays
  • Null-safety is not working in index operations
  • SmartRules: No error on compilation if Rules Conditions or Return Values doesn't match alias datatype
  • SmartRules: Error on UI if SmartRules return type is custom type that consist of several fields, and there is only 1 return column

Migration Notes


Old modeshape-based repositories are not supported, and all related libraries were removed from WebStudio

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