Release Notes

v5.21.14 on the GitHub

New Feature

Support of  Git repository (beta)



  • Improved performance of branches switch
  • New branch is set as active after copying
  • Support of pattern of New Branch name

Fixed Bugs


  • Merged condition with 2 parameters and "==" relation doesn't work


  • Button "Deploy" doesn't appear for saved Deploy Configuration after adding 2 projects
  • No commit messages generated for "Create" and "Copy" actions for Deploy Configuration
  • "Restore default settings" button does not work for Design Repository
  • Internal Server Error in case of applying changes for Design Repository after restoring default settings
  • Possible to apply incorrect repository settings
  • Error appears in log and on UI if user changes Local path and selects non-master branch
  • Project editing is locked for User1, if User2 is edited the same project, but in different branch
  • "Restore default settings" button works the same way as "Apply" button if incorrect repository settings are entered
  • Entering forbidden folder names in "New branch Name" field cause "Something went wrong" error
  • Error appears on project creating, if project with the same name has already been created/deleted/erased
  • Incorrect version of rules-deploy.xml is shown when open previous version
  • Webstudio becomes unresponsive if 2 users works simultaneously: User 1 saves changes, User2 navigates to Repository tab

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