Release Notes

v5.21.15 on the GitHub



  • Generating comments from the defined template on Create Project screen
  • Excel files are sorted alphabetically in "Select Excel file" drop down list on Repository Diff pop-up
  • Project status is changed to "No Changes" on copying Project to a new branch
  • "Internal User" field is renamed to "Local User" on the Admin UI
  • The selected branch now available at the all levels in Breadcrumbs in Webstudio Editor
  • Ability to select a branch created outside of WebStudio
  • Ability to configure Git Repository to use dev sources for cases when OpenL projects are stored in the different folders

Maven Plugin:

  • Write an error message in log when OpenLUserRuntimeException has been thrown while tests execution via Maven OpenL Plugin

Fixed Bugs


  • New branch is always created from Master, not from selected current branch
  • Repository UI becomes broken, if user specified message pattern and deleted a project by clicking (x) button
  • Copy a project into existing branch should not be allowed
  • An error is presented on the UI, if user entered unsupported placeholder or double braces in Message field in Customized Comments section
  • No warning message about lost changes appear, if user edited project, not saved, and created a new branch
  • No comments are generated on creating project from a template
  • Internal Server Error is presented to user on deploying a project from branch, in which project doesn't exist yet
  • Project name of copied project is not changed in rules.xml files
  • Error with Checkout Conflict message appear when user creates a branch
  • Field "Comment" is not displayed on Undelete/Erase project screens, if customized comment field is set up
  • Local commit should be discarded if push is failed
  • Error "Remote does not have available for fetch" on switching branch
  • "Internal user" column should be available only for Active Directory user mode
  • The list of modules is not refreshed in Editor after user switch a branch
  • Project information is not updated after branch changed in Webstudio Editor
  • Left panel is reset after copying project into new branch in Webstudio Editor
  • Incorrect Committer is displayed commit history when jgit merges automatically during pull

OpenL Demo:

  • Incorrect memory allocation for Demo under Linux

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