Release Notes

v5.21.2 on the GitHub

Fixed Bugs


  • Decision Tables do not work with expression in condition values
  • Null-safety with primitives is not working in return types
  • Memory leak in Variation functionality
  • Memory leak in case rules recompilation


  • "Compare Excel files" functionality required RW access to outside of permitted space
  • "Open Excel File" feature is not working when Java security manager is used
  • Impossible to open the specified version of the project in deploy Configuration
  • Links not being displayed after discarding table changes
  • An error message on the Login page is cached
  • Hanging on "Auto Deploy" screen in IE11
  • Categories are duplicated in "By Category Detailed" or "By Category Inversed" project tree view
  • Changes are loosing on clicking on other sections in the editor
  • Impossible to enter one digit into the empty cells
  • Private secret key is not applied when it was changed


  • Swagger API is not refreshing, when rules has been chaged
  • WSDL schema is not well formed for SOAP v1.1 when char / Character types are used
  • CXF ClientProxyFactoryBean fails with NullPointerException because of WSDL scheme contians internal JAXWSException
  • NullPointerException occurs for empty input parameters in the REST request

Maven plugin:

  • Memory leak in test goal

Migration Notes

Rule Services

Because of strict SOAP v1.1 validation, please be attentively that null values are sent like <aField xsi:nil="true" />

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All examples have been converted to XLSX format

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