Release Notes

v5.21.4 on the GitHub

New Feature

Added ability to use one repository for several applications

The system provides an ability to setup Deployment Filter to select deployments to be deployed into the web-service from datasource repository when several applications use the same datasource repository. The filter filters deployments by deployment name. 



  • Support 32bit Java (x86) in DEMO


  • Swagger, CXF and jackson libs are updated
  • OpenL version and libs in the classpath are displayed in log
  • Support Jetty

OpenL Maven plugin:

  • OpenL test reports are generated in JUnit4 format

Fixed Bugs


  • ZIP files are corrupted on project export
  • Application does not work with MySQL 8.0.11
  • Assign operation returns right side of expression instead of left side
  • StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when click on spreadsheet with field used as a function


  • WADL returns duplicated elements in complex types
  • REST services does not work with capitalized


  • ArrayCast throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException
  • Index operations fails with NullPointerException when non-agregable type is used
  • Bug in Decision Table range indexes
  • Datatype, AliasDatatypes and Test tables should not support business dimensional properties

Updated libraries

  • CXF v3.1.15
  • Jackson v2.9.5
  • Swagger v1.5.19
  • Swagger-UI v3.14.0

Migration Notes

OpenL Rules

Test tables don't support business dimensional properties, so replace all definition with _context_ input parameter

Expectations should be defined properly: only one result or error should be set in a test table, not both.

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