Release Notes

v5.21.5 on the GitHub


  • Reduced footprint of SpreadsheetResult in RuleService 
  • Added possibility to exclude logging of some methods in RuleService interface
  • Improved OpenL Webstudio performance

Fixed Bugs


  • Project can't be opened in Webstudio, if project contains table with Method that have equal sign '=' in the beginning
  • Project can't be opened in Webstudio, if it has datatype, that use undefined datatype, in spreadsheet
  • Incorrect error message is presented to user, in case when incorrect types are returned
  • Docker: "Run into file" ,"Test into file" functionality doesn't work
  • Docker: Webstudio is hanging on export


  • Comma separated values are not working in Data and Test tables for List values
  • Method 'toString' is not found for 'Set' interface
  • Empty error is displayed is Spreadsheet, if method, that has several business versions, is called
  • Varargs method binding with Spreadsheet Auto Type Discovery = true doesn't work
  • Local time in REST requests are adjusted by UTC timezone
  • Performance issue in OpenL with ObjectToDataOpenCastConvertor.getConvertor method.

Updated libraries

  • Spring Framework v4.3.18.RELEASE
  • XStream v1.4.10

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