Release Notes

v5.21.6 on the GitHub

New Feature

New Date functions are implemented

  • toDate()

Example: toDate("7/12/80") -> 12 July 1980 (00:00:00.000)

  • toString()

Example:toString(Date) -> "07/12/1980“

  • Date()

Example: Date(2018, 7, 12) -> 12 July 2018 (00:00:00.000)



  • Error code are changed for REST services


  • Added copy object functionality

RuleService, WebStudio:

  • Support JBoss EAP 7.1

Fixed Bugs


  • DB driver are not registered, if user didn't select connection to DB on Step3 of installation Wizard
  • Failed to open a Module that has error without message
  • OpenL failed to save a changes in table, if initial excel file was edited in MacOS
  • Internal server error appears in Trace window
  • Values from alias datatype are displayed in DropDown in Selection of String datatype on Run/Trace functionality
  • Project export is hanging if Excel file is opened
  • Button "Insert row before" actually inserts row after. Button needs to be renamed to "Insert row after"


  • Null Pointer Exception in unary '+' and '-' operators
  • Error "Duplicate type definition" if one project has dependency on another project, both have datatypes with the same name, but different datatype packages
  • Memory consumption in SpreadsheetResult
  • Nullsafety does not work with DobleValues for avg() function
  • Incorrect calculation in Spreadsheet if property parallel= FALSE

OpenL Maven Plugin:

  • Test compilation is failing in OpenL Maven Plugin when Data table is located in dependency module
  • OpenL tests fail with OutOfMemoryError in a big test suite
  • openl-maven-plugin don't package dependencies if runtime scope is defined in transitive dependencies

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