Release Notes

v5.21.7 on the GitHub

New Feature

Constants are implemented

Now User can create names for some values and use it in Rule cells without “=” symbol



  • Added possibility to define values of arrays in test/data tables using several rows for a single test case/data object
  • Added possibility to fill list/map inside Data and Test tables
  • Null-safety for Date operation
  • SmartLookups: Inputs are matched to the vertical conditions first, after that to horizontal conditions
  • Provide an ability to store array of Lobs to the table properties


  • Simplify WS configuration. Remove ruleservice.datasource.type property from configuration
  • Support multiline and comments in cassandra create schema scripts


  • View tracelog for Runtime exception in Webstudio
  • Provide ability to hide Multi/Single module button
  • Limit test results in case of big number of test results

Fixed Bugs


  • Disabling controls during table editing
  • In case Tbasic tables has errors\problems - compilation is stopped, Tbasic is not compiled further
  • Impossible to test elements inside List object
  • Complex formula can't be open in trace if it was used in previous step
  • Cell with tooltip isn't selected in Editor when click on it
  • Value, selected from Drop down list is not accepted by validation
  • Add validation message for file name processor if not existed property is used
  • List of modules is not sorted in Webstudio
  • Error is displayed on UI when user run the test that check is returned List data correct
  • Incorrect Property name - Cuncurrent execution
  • Error on Opening Test Table, if method has List collection
  • Error is displayed on clicking (+) button on entering input array
  • Error appears on the UI, if user update module via loading Excel file from "Results of running" page
  • Memory Leak on test Result page
  • "Versioning" and "Compare" features works incorrectly on Linux server
  • "CRET" columns are not supported in Lookups (Rules tables)
  • "Collect" is not supported in SimpleLookup and SmartLookup tables
  • Separated by comma values in conditions does not work for in Integer datatype


  • Compilation parses Test tables at least twice
  • Datatypes compilation fails if user put space between type and []
  • Unused Custom1, Custom2 and Transactional properties are removed.
  • OpenL method headers must end by EOF
  • Generated methods do not follow JavaBeans v1.01 specification
  • Spreadsheet tables doesn't use alias datatypes as field type
  • Exception is displayed in Expected Result, if user run test for map element and check the index in result
  • OpenL fails to compare array dimensional properties
  • Method "plus" is interpreted as keyword "+"
  • Incorrect Cast happens if ternary operator is used
  • Memory leaks when WeakHashMap or ReferenceMap is used
  • A lot of MethodKey is generated in runtime
  • Test fails sometimes, when there are 2 methods with the same name
  • OpenLConfiguration has memory leak in JUnit tests
  • Syntax array[v@ ] change the order or array elements, if comparable elements have equal values
  • Memory leaks when ClassLoaderFactory.reset() is missed
  • Casting of objects is very slow in multythread execution
  • MethodSearch return incorrect method between Generics and Objects
  • SmartRules: CharRange is not supported in Smart Rules


  • Date can't be parsed if user picked in from calendar control


  • Swagger UI does not generate schema correctly when filtering was applied
  • WADL is not generated when SpreadsheetResult exists in schema

OpenL Maven Plugin:

  • Build fails if an openl project is located at the root of the file system

Updated libraries

  • Jackson v2.9.7
  • Apache CXF v3.1.17

Migration Notes

Rules Service

The following properties were changed

ruleservice.useRuleServiceRuntimeContext Removed.
ruleservice.datasource.type = local production-repository.factory = org.openl.rules.repository.LocalRepositoryFactory
ruleservice.datasource.type Removed.

OpenL Rules

  • Remove any references on useRuleServiceRuntimeContext in rules-deploy.xml files.
  • The following properties are removed:Custom1, Custom2 and Transactional.
  • Remove coma from lob name for backward compatibility
  • Map<String, String> will not be compiled (generic types are not supported by OpenL)
  • Generated getters and setters are compatible with JavaBean specs v1.01 now. So for fields like iCoin - getiCoin()/setiCoin() methods will be generated.

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