Release Notes

v5.21.9 on the GitHub

New Feature

Added ability to export tests results to *.xlsx format in OpenL Maven plugin



  • Implemented min() and max() functions for comparable types
  • Implemented type validator for input arguments that passed via web services.


  • Added all possible values of production-repository.factory property in file

Fixed Bugs


  • Endless Null POinter exceptions appears sometime
  • PostgreSql deployment failed due to relation "openl_repository" does not exist


  • Incorrect information is displayed in LOB field on copy table
  • LOB property is displayed in table when it shouldn't
  • Internal error is displayed in for Spreadsheets, called from Spreadsheet in Trace Window
  • "Test into file" and "Run into file" functionality doesn't work if input variable for rule is array, but Data table contains non-array values


  • Method search doesn't work for primitives properly

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