Release Notes

v5.22.1 on the GitHub



  • Output parameter is populated from input field in case when input is Object in Smart Rules

Docker containers:

  • Docker containers work on Java 11

Fixed Bugs


  • TBasic doesn't work in WebSphere 8.5
  • Hints to external condition doesn't work if parameter type is not specified in external condition
  • Incorrect matching of columns with External Conditions, If Column in condition is matched 100% with external condition
  • Multi Row Data tables work incorrectly when empty values are defined
  • Error "The element is null" is presented to user, if condition could match ambiguously
  • NPE in logs when ASM v4.2 is located in classpath
  • Value from previous non-empty cell is returned from Data table if datatype second level of nesting is array with specified PK

Updated libraries

  • POI v4.1.0
  • Commons-Collections4 v4.3
  • Commons-Codec v1.12
  • ehcache v2.10.5

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