Release Notes

v5.22.2 on the GitHub


OpenL Tablets Web Services, Maven Plugin:

  • Multiple project deployment support.

Maven Plugin:

  • Time elapsed and memory used for compilation of rules are displayed in the Maven plugin on project build.
  • An error message is displayed when OpenLUserRuntimeException is thrown on tests execution via Maven OpenL Tablets plugin.


  • Synchronization on rules update is added.
  • Cache in OpenMethodDispatcher is reworked to improve performance.
  • Unpacking rules from .jar files under JBoss EAP 7.2 is now supported.


  • Branches in the REST service for design repository are now supported
  • Comments are generated using the predefined template in the Create Project page.
  • The selected branch is now available at all levels in Breadcrumbs in OpenL Tablets WebStudio Editor.
  • A link to external conditions, actions, and returns is added to smart rules.
  • The Internal User field is renamed to Local User in the administration application UI.
  • Git Repository configuration is now supported to use development sources for cases when OpenL Tablets projects are stored in different folders.
  • Excel files are sorted alphabetically in the Select Excel file drop-down list, in the Repository Diff pop-up page.
  • Project status is changed to "No Changes" on copying a project to a branch.
  • Hints are displayed with 3 rows for column titles in simple and smart rules.
  • The committer’s login can be added to a comment for Git repository.

OpenL Tablets WebStudio, OpenL Tablets Web Services:

  • Default configuration can now be loaded from application*
  • Hints and links to datatypes, decision tables, constants in conditions, actions, and returns are added.
  • Apache Tomcat 9 is supported.


  • Null elements usage can be configured for calculations.
  • Min and Max columns for smart rules are added and can be used as a range.
  • Several returns and multiline titles are supported for smart rules.
  • Function "contains" is improved to search for a value in a range and range array.
  • Range arrays are supported in smart rules.
  • Logic of column type identification is improved for smart rules.
  • Identification logic is improved detecting whether a value is within the string range.
  • New comparison operators are developed for strings to support comparison the same logic as for string ranges.
  • The order of matching input values to horizontal conditions in smart lookups is modified

Fixed Bugs


  • Reference to another data table does not work in a data table. The There is no index null in the sequence error message is displayed.
  • Date range allows entering invalid time.
  • The Type *** not present error message is displayed in a datatype table if the datatype has a custom datatype field and default values are left empty.
  • Ranges like "<=a" and ">=a", without spaces, do not work properly for string ranges.
  • For smart and simple rules, incorrect condition type is displayed in a hint for a horizontal condition.
  • Transposed data table is not compiled properly if the first column has reference to another data table.
  • The whole spreadsheet result is returned as an actual value instead of one cell if the test result column contains a reference to a data table.
  • Issues with String Ranges in Smart Rules
  • Spaces in a string range must be ignored.
  • Instances in a data table with merged cells are calculated incorrectly.
  • Sub-instance is incorrectly assigned to the instance and incorrect data fields are returned in a data table.
  • An array cannot be specified in a data table by merging two columns.
  • Incorrect message is displayed to a user if a table does not contain data for conditions because the system treats it as a transposed table.
  • Comparison of arrays does not work in decision tables.
  • The sorting command in an expression changes the order of array elements inside the input object.
  • The There can be only one active table error message is displayed for a project with dependencies on another project and module.
  • Date range does not work for smart rules.


  • Memory is allocated incorrectly for Demo under Linux.


  • Incorrect hints are displayed and an error is logged for SmartLookup and SimpleLookup if the table starts with the second row.
  • Trace functionality is hanging.
  • "Internal user" column should be available only for Active Directory user mode.
  • Comment validation does not work in the copied project if “Don't link to origin project“option is selected.
  • Internal Server Error is displayed if a user tries opening a project from Deploy Configuration stored in Git if settings are now changed to local.
  • Local Git commits must be discarded if pushing it failed.
  • A user can copy a project into an existing branch.
  • Repository UI is broken if a user message pattern is specified and a user deleted the project by clicking the x button.
  • The name of a copied project is not changed in the rules.xml file
  • No comment is generated on creating a project from a template.
  • Range UI appear on editing a range array value in decision tables if it contains more than one element.
  • A constant is highlighted incorrectly in a condition if the cell contains other values.
  • The The element is null error message is displayed in the data table.
  • A list of modules is not refreshed in the editor after switching to another branch.
  • An incorrect version of rules-deploy.xml is displayed on opening the previous version.
  • A new branch is always created from a master branch, and not from the currently selected branch.
  • Internal Server Error is displayed if a user deploys a project from the branch that has no project yet.
  • Project information is not updated after a branch is changed in OpenL Tablets WebStudio Editor.
  • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException error is displayed in UI if a user enters unsupported placeholder or double braces in the Message field, in the Customized Comments section.
  • Incorrect committer is populated when JGit merges automatically during pull.
  • No warning message is displayed on potential changes lost if a user edited the project, did not save it, and created a new branch.
  • OpenL rules table throws NPE if a table is empty.
  • OpenL Tablets WebStudio is not working with HttpHeaderSecurityFilter enabled.
  • Incorrect text is displayed in the validation message for the Changes check interval field.

OpenL Tablets Web Services:

  • URISyntaxException on starting tomcat.
  • Swagger doesn't work on WildFly.

Maven Plugin:

  • Some transitive dependencies appear in the after build generation.

WebServices, WebStudio:

  • Memory leak occurs for rules with a lot of Equals conditions.

Updated libraries

  • cglib v3.2.12
  • HikariCP v3.3.1
  • H2 DB v1.4.199
  • mssql-jdbc v7.2.2.jre8
  • Spring Framework v4.3.24.RELEASE
  • Spring Security v4.2.13.RELEASE
  • slf4j v1.7.26
  • jcodemodel v3.2.3
  • CXF v3.3.2
  • Swagger UI v3.22.2
  • Swagger JAXRS v1.5.22
  • istack-commons-runtime v3.0.8
  • Jackson v2.9.9
  • Joda-Time v2.10.2
  • Ehcache v2.10.6
  • cloning v1.9.12
  • httpclient v4.5.9
  • snakeyaml v1.24
  • plexus-archiver v4.1.0
  • aws-java-sdk v1.11v580
  • jakarta.xml.bind:jakarta.xml.bind-api v2.3.2 ( javax.xml.bind:jaxb-api removed )
  • jakarta.annotation:jakarta.annotation-api v1.3.4 ( javax.annotation:javax.annotation-api removed )
  • jakarta.activation:jakarta.activation-api v1.2.1
  • com.sun.activation:jakarta.activation v1.2.1 (com.sun.activation:javax.activation removed)
  • v2.3.2 ( removed)
  • commons-lang3 to v3.9
  • XStream lib to v1.4.11.1
  • Javassist - removed
  • javax.jws:jsr181-api - removed


Migration Notes

OpenL Rules

Behavior is changed for nulls for multiplication and division operation. For old behavior use import org.openl.rules.binding.MulDivNullToOneOperators.*

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