Release Notes

v5.22.4 on the GitHub



  • Memory usage for xlsx files containing huge amount of empty cells with non-default style is optimized

Git Repository:

  • Git branches are supported
  • A field for a new branch pattern is added
  • A comment field for DELETE / ERASE / RESTORE / CREATE / COPY a project operation is added
  • An ability to specify a directory for saving a project in case of non-flat structure repository is added

Fixed Bugs


  • The project containing a lot of errors is opening a very long time

Git Repository:

  • WebStudio is unresponsive sometimes
  • The setting "Changes check interval" isn't applied

Known issues


  • Comment for Copy project action does not displayed on revisions tab
  • Error is not presented on the UI if user switches to removed branch in Webstudio
  • Field New branch pattern is not allowed to be empty
  • New branch pattern feature doesn't work, if user entered pattern containing braces with unsupported place holder
  • error "JGitInternalException" is presented to user, if repository has non-Flat folder structure, user enter folder name of existing folder with different capitalization
  • No validation in Path in repository field 

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