Release Notes

v5.23.1 on the GitHub

New Features

Merge of Branches

“Sync” button is added in Webstudio that navigates user to "Sync changes" screen. User is able to pull the changes from selected branch or push their changes via the buttons “Import their changes” and “Export Your changes”



  • Performance of SmartRules is improved

Rule Services:

  • Check on duplicated classes in the classpath for artifact
  • The projects failed on deployment are shown on Webservices page


  • "Deploy" button is added on Editor tab
  • Hints with the branch name were added on Resolve Conflict screen and branch name is populated in merge commit comment
  • Ability to configure external CA server or JKS for SAML in a docker container


  • The drop-down list with branch to Repository Diff screen is added
  • The «No changes -Locked" updated to "Viewing Revision - Locked"
  • Username of user that locked the project is shown on Webstudio Repository screen

OpenL Maven Plugin:

  • Minimal supported version of Maven is updated to v3.6.0

Fixed Bugs


  • "rules.xml" and "rules-deploy.xml" are missing in Demo for Example 3
  • Error on Deployment appears if Deployment Repository was renamed
  • Deployment repository cannot be renamed as "Production" in Demo


  • User is not able to log in OpenL, if he has a role with cyclic dependency
  • Only 1 version of table is displayed, if table have 2 versions with Business dimension property that have different time, but not date
  • The error appears in log file for empty spreadsheet
  • Error "UnsupportedOperationException" appears in log file
  • The range values are shown with incorrect range type in Drop down list
  • Not all commits are displayed in Webstudio when using git repository
  • "Something went wrong" error appears on expanding SpreadsheetResult input item
  • "Use theirs" option does not work on Resolve conflicts screen on deleting the module that exist in "theirs" version
  • Nightly build failed with Out of memory exception
  • Date picker does not work, if Date is presented as Integer value
  • Project is not locked on clicking "Create Table" button
  • Internal server error on create project if project name contains '$'
  • ".setting" should be generated only case, when "OpenL version compatibility" was updated
  • Error appears in log file on opening table containing a Date in format "1/2/03 12:00 AM"
  • Table containing the error is not opened by clicking on error text, and refresh causes "Something went wrong" error
  • Error marker is not displayed for table with error in table list, if filter = 'By file'
  • Each Test result is displayed in two lines, but should be displayed in one
  • Impossible to configure WebStudio docker image using a properties file or environment variables
  • Incorrect order of revision in Compare screen, if Design repository is connected to DB
  • 'Restore Defaults' button does not restore 'Dispatching Validation' value
  • "Internal Server Error." is displayed for Webstudio on start, if it was started with unsupported property parameter


  • Git repository and Maven plugin are not working under Linux due File System specifics


  • NPE error is presented to user for StringField.contains(String) if StringField - is a field of null object (or empty field of object)
  • Step of spreadsheet cannot be reached in test table, if this step does not exist in different version of spreadsheet
  • Empty cell in Test table is interpreted as non-empty if the cell belongs to array which elements are defined via PK
  • Spreadsheet Result Cell type is resolved incorrectly if spreadsheet has several business versions with different cell types
  • The step of SpreadsheetResult cannot be reached from another rule if intermediate SR stored in another module and calls initial SR in current module
  • The type of object type is lost after applying the operations (copy, add etc.)
  • No errors is presented to user if rule's input arguments with the same Alias type have incorrect order

Rule Services:

  • "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: code size limit exceeded" error appears on deploy in services application
  • Application crashes with NPE on deployment project with publisher not listed in openl-ruleservice-publisher-beans.xml file
  • REST Request is failed if it has missed field and ruleservice.jackson.failOnUnknownProperties = false when defaultTypingMode == DISABLE
  • Custom SpreadshetResult bean result doesn't work with variations
  • Rest service changes URL after adding Kafka to service
  • RulesFrontend proxy is not working with null values
  • The error in WADL generation appears because WadlGenerator does not work with interfaces
  • webservices-full tries to connect to cassandra even if cassandra is disabled in settings
  • "True" conditions fails in Webservices but works in Webstudio
  • Swagger: response example has the different case than declared in the Spreadsheet
  • Different number of errors in Webservices and Webstudio

Updated libbraries

  • Jackson to v2.10.3
  • AWS SDK to v1.11.744
  • JGIT to v5.7.0.202003110725-r
  • snakeyaml to v1.26
  • Spring Framework to v5.2.4.RELEASE
  • Spring Security to v5.2.2.RELEASE
  • Kafka to v2.4.0
  • Guava to v27
  • POI to v4.1.2
  • commons-beanutils - Deleted

Migration Notes


The following properties were changed

default.openl.compatibility.version openl.compatibility.version
Undefined. webstudio.configured=false

Rules Services

The following properties were changed

ruleservice.baseAddress Removed.
ruleservice.jackson.serializationInclusion = ALWAYS ruleservice.jackson.serializationInclusion = USE_DEFAULTS

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