Release Notes

v5.23.10 on the GitHub

Fixed Bugs


  • A non-informative error is presented to the user when a branch name contains spaces
  • The validation set in "Branch name pattern" does not work
  • Impossible to create a user with one symbol in the username
  • Spreadsheets cell type is not identified properly in some cases


  • Conditions are matched incorrectly for Smart Lookup
  • "Method is ambiguous" error when two methods can be matched with input parameters, but one of them is more preferable
  • A non-informative error message is presented to the user if a SmartRules table has the wrong structure

Rule Services:

  • The deployment failure of deploy configuration when the first project contains the parent of datatype in the second project
  • Fixed the deployment failure of service in non-lazy mode when Interceptor changes return type

Updated libraries

  • Spring Framework v5.2.12.RELEASE
  • Spring Security v5.4.2
  • Jackson v2.11.4
  • Tomcat v9.0.41
  • Swagger UI v3.38.0
  • JGit v5.10.0.202012080955-r
  • XStream v1.4.15

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