Release Notes

v5.23.11 on the GitHub



  • Part “:b” is made optional in ternary operation “(condition)? a : b”. If “:b” is absent, null is returned in case condition is false
  • New property “emptyResultProcessing ” is introduced for controlling Rules behavior in case of empty return value
  • Compilation performance is improved

Rule Services:

  • New default repository type “repo-jar” is introduced, allowing to deploy jar and zip archives without creating local copies of the projects

Fixed Bugs


  • White screen on the Repository tab is displayed if two projects with dependencies on each other are closed
  • "Receive their updates" button is active after the first merge
  • An incorrect message is displayed on "Confirm Delete" pop-up for Deploy Configuration
  • Two modules with the same path can be created
  • WebStudio cannot open projects due to an Exception in the binding phase
  • WebStudio hung threads when using "Trace" feature


  • An NPE error is presented to the user if Java keyword is typed as "Return" type
  • A module is failed to load with an NPE error
  • The precision in the test table doesn't work if there is another module having a table with the same name
  • A SmartLookup table compilation failure
  • A Smartlookup table is transposed during compilation if there is a pair of header cell, where left cell has height = 2, and right cell has height = 1
  • A SmartLookup table of the certain structure is wrongly compiled as transposed
  • The build fails sometimes on Windows servers due to "OutOfMemory Java heap space" error
  • An NPE error is presented to the user in SmartLookup table when the system tries to compile a transposed version of this table
  • An error "Cannot build an evaluator" is presented to the user if external condition parameters are not used in the External condition expression
  • An error is displayed for a Constant table after adding properties
  • An NPE error is displayed on opening the table with reference to SpreadsheetResult null field
  • "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" error is presented to the user from Smart Rules with merged conditions and custom input and output parameters
  • Slow compilation performance when a lot of similar spreadsheets are used
  • Trace and Run features ignore runtime context in the case when business versions are stored in the different modules in Multi-module mode
  • "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" error is presented to the user if cells are merged in External Conditions
  • "State" property is added to the table instead of inherited

Rule Services:

  • Successful operation response is not generated in openAPI for the paths if the returned result is a two-dimensional array

Rule Repository:

  • Confusing error message when connecting to GitLab repository

Maven Plugin:

  • Maven plugin does not truncate a zip artifact file, so it could not be read by ZipFile

Updated libraries

  • CXF v3.4.2
  • Joda Time v2.10.9
  • Bouncy Castle v1.68
  • Kafka v2.7.0
  • Jakarta WS RS API v2.1.6
  • Swagger V3 Annotations v2.1.3
  • Spring Data Elasticsearch v3.2.12.RELEASE
  • Jakarta Validation API v2.0.2
  • Jakarta Annotation API 1.3.5
  • Log4j v2.14.0
  • Jetty v9.4.36.v20210114

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