Release Notes

v5.23.12 on the GitHub

Fixed Bugs


  • Repeated warnings appear in the log if all excel files were deleted from the project with rules.xml
  • "Error "Something went wrong" is presented to the user on clicking "Dependency is not found." error
  • A duplicate record in a different register is created in the Webstudio users table for the same external user
  • Error "Sorry! Something went wrong" is displayed if a user deletes a table when the project is opened in Excel at the same time


  • Incorrect matching of the horizontal conditions in Smart Lookup
  • "Date" function throws "IllegalArgumentException" error on runtime, if input arguments are invalid
  • NullPointerException is presented in test table, if output datatype of rules table is not found
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception in Rules table, if the field datatype is not found in Return column
  • NullPointerException is presented in rules table, if a type in condition is not found
  • A SmartLookup table of the certain structure is wrongly compiled as transposed
  • Min/max feature doesn't work properly with full qualified class name in smart rules
  • NullPointerException error is preseneted in smart rules table, if return datatype array does not exist
  • Converting Double=null to double datatype returns Empty result instead of '0'

Rule Services:

  • Deploying of the project fails if there is a references to spreadsheet cell from another module

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