Release Notes

v5.23.3 on the GitHub

New Features

Project revision tracking in Deployment

Now User can see the deployed revision in Deployment Properties screen for all rule projects

An ability to define runtime context properties in Datatype table

User can mark that datatype field will be used for rules versioning. This should allow to eliminate RuntimeContext as first parameter in all Rule Services using versioning. The old mode is kept for backward compatibility but users are advised to switch to this new feature

Support CORS in Rule Services

CORS is supported for the purpose of integrating with UI clients which can be run on the server other than Rule Services application

Support OpenAPI in RuleServices

OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger Specification) is an API description format for REST APIs. OpenAPI v3 is now supported in Rule Services. Swagger v2 specification is now deprecated. 



  • Added "textJoin" and "textSplit" String operations
  • Added support of circular datatype dependencies like in Java
  • Compilation performance of Spreadsheet tables is improved
  • Added automatic determining SpreadsheetResult cell types
  • Added ability to define expressions for Constants

Rule Services:

  • Simplified the configuration for output model
  • Supported customization for Jackson Object Mapper via external MixIn classes


  • Displaying of matching hints in WebStudio even if SmartRules table has issues while attempting to match columns and rows to input parameters
  • Default value for "Unlimited number of copies" is changed from unlimited to 100
  • Speed up UI by removing Created At / Created By fields from the UI. This information is available on demand in revision history


  • Displaying only first 6 symbols of revision number on Project List page
  • Displaying Business Revision (author + date) instead of hash revision number on Resolve Conflict screen

Docker images:

  • Configured Docker images to utilize all accessible memory by default

Fixed Bugs


  • Project deployment failure on Demo on Java 8 and 13 in Windows 10
  • DEMO is not working if a white space is present in the path to the DEMO folder


  • NPE org.openl.rules.lang.xls.types.meta.BaseMetaInfoReader in log file when opening test tables containing invalid references
  • Internal server error when user changes openl.home if it was defined in properties file
  • No hints are displayed for SmartRules table in case of incorrect return compound datatype
  • WebStudio fails to start if placeholder with invalid variable is set in properties
  • NPE in log on opening test table
  • A very long scrollbar in case of test failure
  • An error when editing Module info several times
  • 'Restore Defaults' button doesn't immediately apply default settings to Design Repository
  • "Run into file" doesn't work, if some cells have datatype SpreadshetResult[]
  • Repository UI is broken if user entered invalid time or date format on System Settings -> Common tab
  • "Sorry! Something went wrong." (java.lang.StackOverflowError) error is presented to user on running JSON in WebStudio
  • WebStudio crashes on entering invalid Workspace Directory name
  • Project failed to open with the bruteForceHeaders error
  • Full revision number is not presented to user by clicking on short number for Deploy Configuration
  • Short revision number is underlined
  • Warning message is not shown in WebStudio in Data, Test, Datatype, and other tables for symbols that can break runtime execution on some environments
  • Different style of validation messages on the same page across all Admin tab


  • The message “This project revision is already deployed” is displayed for Repository2, if project was deployed only in Repository1
  • Deployment and Design repositories can't be defined as git remote at the same time
  • Build failure in git tests due concurrent modification of gc.log.lock file
  • Local git repository crashes if WebStudio was stopped incorrectly
  • The Datatype table creation wizard has Custom SpreadsheetResult types in the dropdown
  • Slow performance in a git based repository on Deploy action
  • A lot of memory is consumed working with git
  • Git Merge has issues with protected branches
  • Slow performance in Repository tab for projects with big amount of revisions
  • Slow performance of large git repositories in WebStudio
  • Buttons "Receive theirs updates"and "Send your updates" are enabled after user merged the changes via resolved conflict dialog from Editor tab
  • WebStiduo Installation failure if branches with the same name but different capitalization exist in git repository
  • Project status is changed to "Closed" instead of "Deleted" if message pattern was customized with placeholders only
  • Concurrent Modification Exception on parallel Create project


  • Error java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException appears on calling non-existing element from list
  • Class is not specified in JSON when Object array is returned but datatype for the array elements is other then Object
  • Argument type mismatch error because of incorrect cast from element to array
  • NPE appear on opening a module, if datatype contains reference to another datatype that doesn't exist
  • Range syntax like ".1-.2" doesn't work

Rule Services:

  • NPE on array index operation with an empty object
  • Project deployment fails, if input datatype has parameters with the same name but different capitalization
  • The list of "Resolver error" is presented to user in Swagger
  • Rule Services applciation does not work under Java 12+
  • Rule Services application crashes if CustomSpreadsheetResult data table is used in rules
  • Asynchronous requests failure
  • Rules compilation fails if Spreadsheet which is stored in another module calls Spreadsheet in current module and Lazy compilation is enabled
  • The project containing different tables with the same id property can be successfully deployed
  • Lazy functionality doesn't work properly if ehcache is configured without data serialization

OpenL Maven Plugin:

  • StackOverflowError appears in toString() method during building project
  • Parallel builds failure

Updated libraries

  • Elasticsearch v6.8.8
  • CXF v3.3.6
  • Cassandra driver v4.5.1
  • ASM v8.0.1
  • commons-lang3 v3.10
  • commons-codec v1.14
  • swagger-jaxrs v1.6.1
  • spring-data-elasticsearch v3.2.6.RELEASE
  • Jackson v2.10.4
  • AWS SDK v1.11.785
  • JGIT v5.7.0.202003110725-r
  • snakeyaml v1.26
  • dom4j v2.1.3
  • Spring Framework v5.2.6.RELEASE
  • Spring Security v5.3.2.RELEASE
  • log4j v2.13.3
  • swagger-ui v3.25.3
  • xstream v1.4.12
  • joda-time v2.10.6
  • HikariCP v3.4.5

Known issues

The performance of the Rule Services may slow down up to 5%

Migration Notes


The setting "Unlimited numbers of copies" will automatically be set to false after migration to this version, and the setting "The maximum count of saved changes for each project:"=100 will be applied. If there is a need to store unlimited amount of changes, set the setting "Unlimited numbers of copies" = true before opening any project. This setting is changed to prevent uncontrolled consumption of free space on HDD/SDD for 'undo' operations during editing a project.

The following properties were changed

project.history.count=0 project.history.count=100
project.history.unlimited=true Removed. Use project.history.count=

Rules Service

The following properties were changed

ruleservice.aegisbinding.readXsiTypes ruleservice.aegis.readXsiTypes
ruleservice.aegisbinding.writeXsiTypes ruleservice.aegis.writeXsiTypes
ruleservice.aegisbinding.ignoreNamespaces ruleservice.aegis.ignoreNamespaces
ruleservice.deployer.enable ruleservice.deployer.enabled
ruleservice.jackson.defaultTypingMode = SMART ruleservice.jackson.defaultTypingMode = JAVA_LANG_OBJECT

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