Release Notes

v5.23.4 on the GitHub

New Features

New Maven openl-project-archetype archetype

New Maven archetype generates default OpenL Maven Project structure with rules.xml, rules-deploy.xml, one module and OpenL tests

Support dependency on rules from tests in OpenL Maven Plugin

New project scructure is supported, that allows to run the tests on Maven plugin upon build but exclude them from the target project, and store the tests in the separate src/test project.



  • Support "Any" keyword for all business enumeration properties in file name processor

Rule Services:

  • Parsing of MANIFEST.MF and display on UI for each deployment
  • Display REST API error codes in Swagger schema


  • Generating MANIFEST.MF on package goal

Fixed Bugs


  • Extra "module" section is added into rules.xml after uploading a file matching existing template
  • Compilation of Data tables has O(n^2) complexty


  • Spreadsheet compilation failure because ternary operaiton doesn't have a space symbol before "null"
  • Error "Failed to load a class for datatype" if Datatype has 255 fields and 128+ for filed with "long" type
  • Incorrect hint in presented for the cell with custom SpreadsheetResult constructor
  • The first min/max condition in transposed SmartRules doesn't work
  • The type of Alias field is lost on array index operation
  • Compilation failure of the Transposed Data table

Core, Rule Services

  • SpreadsheetResult field naming is inconsistent with Datatype and input arguments for non-ASCII symbols

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