Release Notes

v5.23.9 on the GitHub

New Features

Transient fields for datatypes

An ability to add a transient '~' or non-transient '*' marker as a filed name suffix in datatype tables. This suffix is ignored when referencing a field. Transient fields are not included in OpenAPI/Swagger/WSDL schemas.



  • Test Table is matched with an overloaded rule table, if it has the same number of parameters
  • Support for Pacific countries is added: Fiji, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu
  • The "TRUE" condition is now supported in smart lookups
  • The "Rule" column is now supported in  smart rules


  • User management: national and non-restricted symbols are supported in usernames.

Rule Repository:

  • Class.forName() vulnerabilities are removed from repository configuration
  • All non-restricted symbols are supported in branch names in the git repository
  • Placeholders { 0} { 1} { 2} are replaced with the { project-name} { username} { current-date} placeholders in New Branch Pattern.
  • "Invalid login attempts" settings are configurable in WebStudio

Fixed Bugs


  • UI is broken if password on the remote Git server is changed and a user opened the branch management UI
  • A spreadsheet using JSONUtils does not work upon refresh
  • The list of enumerable properties is not sorted alphabeticaly
  • A technical revision is displayed in the Save Changes dialog instead of s business revision
  • Illegal symbols " and | are allowed for folders and projects
  • Runtime context does not work for the Run JSON feature
  • The pencil icon incorrectly navigates a user to the erroneous cell
  • JBoss: Templates appear in the wrong order in "Create project from template"
  • JBoss: UI is broken after clicking the "Send my updates" button
  • "Sorry! Something went wrong" error is displayed on refreshing and clicking errors
  • "Run into File" fails if the input parameter is 2d array
  • Two directories are created during installation, if a user defined working adirectory other than the default one
  • A warning message is displayed on copying the project in the "In Editing" status into a separate project
  • WebStudio consumes memory without any user activity
  • A non-informative error message is displayed if a datatype in project does not match the generated datatype
  • WebSphere: an error is displayed on opening the previous revision of a project
  • WebSphere: an error is displayed on clicking on the "Rules deploy configuration" tab of a closed project
  • Wrong history is displayed for the 'Filter files by extensions' field
  • Empty projects are created on the AWS server during parallel project creation
  • An error is displayed if a user deletes the last column of the Run table
  • Visual Basic script error is displayed on project opening via WebStudio, if a table is located on the hidden sheet
  • "Default value 100" for 'The maximum count of saved changes for each project:' cannot be set after 'Unlimited numbers of copies' was once saved
  • Test for tables that contain errors can be run by a user
  • Module selection does not work in the Create Test Wizard and module copying UI
  • Intermediate calculation results are displayed incorrectly in Trace: instead of intermediate values, final values are displayed
  • Incorrect error text is displayed for the wrong project dependency
  • An error is displayed for a project with the only "*" dependency
  • A wrong error message is displayed for circular dependencies
  • An error is displayed on clicking "Circular error" and then refreshing
  • A list of projects is not loaded in the "Auto Deploy" screen


  • Expression result type is not identified properly due to array index operation
  • Build fails when external is defined in user's home
  • In smart rules input parameter fields are set to wrong return object fields
  • Enormous binding errors are displayed in WebStudio
  • Wrong array cast happens in ternary operations
  • Incorrect error message is dispayed in UI if the test table name is the same as the spreadsheet name
  • The symbols "(, ), +" are not supported in the filename pattern
  • NPE is presented in the returned result, if no condition matched and one of conditions is a Date condition
  • The return type of flatten() operation is incorrect
  • The incorrect logic of error identification is applied for Rules tables
  • "Method Ambiguous error" is missing for MultyCall functionality
  • The "Method not found" error is displayed if an alias datatype and array of custom datatype arguments are passed with a non-array argument, but the method expected an array argument
  • "Collect" does not work for the merged conditions in smart rules
  • Spreadsheet name in hint is displayed incorrectly if the cell exists in several spreadsheets with different names
  • An error is logged if a table contains formulas starting with _xlfn
  • A warning message "Ambiguous matching" appears if the table title is merged with the empty column
  • NullSafety does not work in the eq() operation (== or !=)

Rule Services:

  • The "String" type is generated in OpenAPI for the "List" return type
  • An error "Could not resolve reference: undefined undefined" is displayed in Swagger if the AnySpreadsheetResult schema contains a circular reference
  • An incorrect field name is generated if the property name has setter/getter in the JAR library
  • Performance degradation is detected

Rule Repository:

  • WebStudio throws in internal server error and fails to restart if Design repository is connected to a clean remote Git repository
  • Git conflict is not resolved if the file is deleted
  • The branch currently edited by a user is not protected from synchronization from another branch/user.

Updated libraries

  • XStream v1.4.14
  • Swagger UI v3.37.0
  • CXF v3.3.8
  • Jetty Server v9.4.35.v20201120
  • Tomcat v9.0.40
  • Joda Time v2.10.8
  • Spring Framework v5.2.11.RELEASE

Migration Notes


The following properties were changed

{ 0} { 1} { 2} in { project-name} { username} { current-date}
repository.deploy-config.comment-validation-pattern repository.deploy-config.comment-template.comment-validation-pattern
repository.deploy-config.invalid-comment-message repository.deploy-config.comment-template.invalid-comment-message = org.openl.rules.repository.git.GitRepository = repo-git
repository.production.factory = org.openl.rules.repository.db.JdbcDBRepositoryFactory repository.production.factory = repo-jdbc
org.openl.rules.repository.db.JdbcDBRepositoryFactory repo-jdbc
org.openl.rules.repository.db.DatasourceDBRepositoryFactory repo-jndi repo-aws-s3
org.openl.rules.repository.git.GitRepository repo-git

Rules Services

production-repository.factory = org.openl.rules.repository.LocalRepositoryFactory production-repository.factory = repo-file
org.openl.rules.repository.db.JdbcDBRepositoryFactory repo-jdbc
org.openl.rules.repository.db.DatasourceDBRepositoryFactory repo-jndi repo-aws-s3
org.openl.rules.repository.git.GitRepository repo-git

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