Release Notes

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New Features

Multiple Design Repositories

WebStudio now supports work with multiple design repositories. This new feature introduces the following changes:

- new UI for the administration tab

- adjusted UI for the “Create project” and "Copy project" pop-up windows, and the project properties tab

- repository filter in the advanced filter

- adjusted UI for adding a project to deployment configuration

- support of projects with the same name in different repositories, while only one of them can be in the opened status

- copying projects from one repository to another

The following changes are added for Git repository with a non-flat folder structure: 

- Folder configuration file is removed from repository settings.

- "Explorer" style window for a path is introduced.

- A project can now be imported from a Git repository to WebStudio via "Create project from Repository".

- An option is added to the "Erase project" pop-up window to keep the project in the Git repository or erase it completely.

- A project can be renamed in Rules Editor.

Creating a Project from the OpenAPI File

This functionality allows a user to create projects in WebStudio using the OpenAPI files in the .json, .yaml or .yml format.

Importing an OpenAPI File in an Existing Project

The "OpenAPI Import" feature is added to a project overview in Rules Editor. There are two different ways of importing an OpenAPI file in a WebStudio project:

- Scaffolding: generates new modules from the defined OpenAPI file or re-generates existing modules

- Reconciliation: validates existing modules against the defined OpenAPI file and shows OpenAPI Reconciliation errors if validation fails.

OpenAPI Reconciliation

Projects with OpenAPI files get validated against the OpenAPI schema. If validation fails, OpenAPI reconciliation errors are displayed.

Cluster Mode Support in Webstudio

Administrators can set up a cluster mode for WebStudio, which assumes that the same content can be reached from different WebStudio instances. For this purpose, folders and files can be set as sharable among several WebStudio instances using shared FileStorage, project index, project history, and file.

Notification System

A user notification system is implemented. For example, it can be used for notifying all users about settings update. Notifications can be added and removed in the Admin tab.

Configuration Capability for SpreadsheetResult Output Model Attribute Names

The ability to add properties to rules deploy configuration that allows setting Spring Jackson property naming strategies for SpreadsheetResult output for Rule Services is introduced.

Apache Groovy Support

Apache Groovy scripts are now supported. These scripts are easier to store in the repository comparing to Java classes.

'Verify' Goal Added to openl-maven-plugin

The Verify goal is now added to the OpenL Maven plugin to ensure that the OpenL Tablets packed project contains all necessary libraries and will be deployed to Rule Services without errors.

Deployment of Zipped Projects from the File System Repository to Rule Services

Zipped projects can be deployed from the file system repository to Rule Services by adding specified properties to the file.



  • A default user admin/admin is removed, and a new section "Configure initial users: " is added to manually configure initial users.
  • Administrator users and users with "View" access can be configured by adding the "security.administrators" and "security.default-group" properties to the configuration file.
  • A project or file can be exported from the user's workspace using the Export from Repository functionality, and a project or file of a certain revision can be exported using the Export from Editor functionality.
  • The UI and logic for the "Changes" page in Rules Editor are improved. The "Changes" page is renamed to "Local Changes" and displays history only since the last saved revision. The "Current" label is displayed instead of "Restore" in the "Action" column for the current version. If an old version is restored, a new row is not added and the old version is marked as "Current".
  • A warning message is added to the "Compare Excel files" page and displayed when the files are identical.
  • A project revision history can be viewed in Rules Editor.
  • Default local paths for repositories are changed. The deploy configuration repository is stored outside the design repository by default.
  • System behavior for local projects is changed. Now when creating or copying a project with the same name as a project in status "Local", the new project is created in the "Closed" status and the "Local" project remains unchanged.
  • The "Run test cases of the test in parallel" check box is removed from the system settings. To get "Run test cases of the test in parallel:" = "false", the administrator must set "Thread number for tests: " = 1.
  • The "Delete" button is renamed to "Delete branch" when switching to non-default branch. After deleting a non-default branch, it cannot be restored.
  • Size limitation of 100 mb for uploaded files is removed for the "Create project" pop-up window.

Rule Services:

  • Publishing SOAP services by default are switched off.
  • The "ruleservice.datasource.filesystem.supportDeployments" property is deleted.
  • The uniqueness of deployed services is changed from 'Service name' to 'Deploy path'. A project deployed to Rule Services is named as follows: "deployment_configuration_name"/"project_name".
  • Lazy instantiation is disabled by default.

Fixed Bugs


  • When the same name is used for data tables, a random table is used, and no errors are displayed.
  • The height of conditions is identified incorrectly in smart lookup tables.
  • For 2d arrays, the "Method is ambiguous" error is displayed if one option is obviously more suitable than another one.


  • No error message is presented for duplicated data tables.
  • Warning messages appear in the log if all Excel files are deleted from the project with rules.xml.
  • A non-informative error message is displayed on deleting columns in the table.
  • The "Edit Project" pop-up message becomes corrupted when the validation message for the file pattern is too long.
  • Projects randomly disappear on adding a project and returning after deletion in the Deploy Configuration Project list.
  • "Compare Excel files" displays the previous result after reopening the window.
  • A user can upload several files with the same name.
  • The "Sorry! Something went wrong." error is displayed on running JSON in WebStudio.
  • The list of modules in a project is not sorted.
  • For 2d arrays in smart rules, the "Method is ambiguous" error is displayed if one option is obviously more suitable than another one.
  • Wrong compilation message is displayed for static fields.
  • The height of conditions is identified incorrectly in smart rules.
  • The RollBack action for deleted RET columns does not work in some decision tables.
  • The "Compare" button becomes disabled after clicking the "Clear all" button.

Rule Services:

  • Performance degradation is fixed.
  • The 'master' branch name is always displayed in MANIFEST.MF.
  • The second deployment fails to deploy if deployment names are equal.


  • The "Merge" revision which is not related to the project is present in the revision history.
  • The upload merged file window is broken after the attempt to apply changes without upload.
  • A project is deleted after refreshing the page if the previous actions were deleting a file and saving the project.
  • In the "Files" section of "Create New" tab, the buttons "Clear" and "Clear all" do not work after adding and uploading files.

Updated Libraries

  • JSF v2.3
  • Richfaces v4.6.8
  • Jakarta Activation API v1.2.2
  • Mojarra v2.3.9
  • Jetty v9.4.38.v20210224

Known Issues

  • The error "Cannot build repository tree. Repository 'Deploy Configuration': Repository configuration is incorrect. Please change configuration." can appear if starting the demo application on the Linux server. Solution: in Admin > Repository > Deploy_Configuration, set "Use Design Repository:" = "true" and save the settings, or set "repository.deploy-config.use-repository" = "design" in the file.
  • A module or file can't be exported from WebStudio if the file is not in the root project folder. Solution: Export the whole project instead, or copy the file to the root project folder and then export the file.

Migration Notes


    • Project changes history created before migrating to 5.24.0 is not available after migration. The files will remain in the folder but in WebStudio there will be no records in "Local Changes" and no possibility to restore them. A user must save the necessary changes before the migration.
    • While migrating from 5.23.x to 5.24.0, all necessary files and properties are moved automatically. To migrate from earlier versions, such as 5.21.16 or 5.22.7, migrate manually to the last minor version of 5.23.x and then to 5.24.0. That is, perform migration step by step, for example, 5.22.7 > 5.23.11 > 5.24.0. More details are in the document Migration from earlier than 5.23.x.
    • Default repository folders are changed in 5.24.0. New folder paths are used by default only for a freshly installed 5.24.0. After migration from 5.23.x, old local paths remain, and if adding new repositories in 5.24.0, the path is generated from the old path.
    • The administrator user is deleted after migration to 5.24.0. To set a new administrator user, use the "security.administrators" property in the file.

Rule Services

The following properties were changed

ruleservice.datasource.filesystem.supportDeployments Removed. Removed.
ruleservice.instantiation.strategy.lazy=true ruleservice.instantiation.strategy.lazy=false

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