Release Notes

v5.24.1 on the GitHub



  • The fields "Intercepting template class" and "Annotation template class" are merged to one field "Template class" in Rules deploy configuration.

Fixed Bugs


  • The module list on the left panel is not updated in Editor after copying the module.
  • NPE error appears while resolving duplicated data tables if there are more than 2 duplicates with the same table.
  • Demo WebStudio is not started after the second repository was added and the first one was deleted.
  • Export fails for modules that are not in the project root folder.
  • Project caching error appears in the log for a Git repository with a non-flat structure.
  • Link isn't shown for array declaration.
  • Errors appear after deleting columns in the table.
  • A record doesn't appear in "Local Changes" after the module is regenerated via OpenAPI import.
  • Color selection control overlaps input parameters in the Trace screen.
  • Column names are copied to another cell if the user adds a new row to the table which has more than 2 columns.

WebStudio Repository:

  • An error appears in the "Revisions" tab if "Copy project" user message template doesn't contain "project-name" placeholder.
  • An error is presented to the user on branch creation if an incorrect branch pattern is saved.
  • An error appears on Repository tab on Demo WebStudio on Linux machine.
  • Wrong pop-up style and no success message appears if unlocking project from the projects table.
  • No error message appears if trying to deploy an empty deploy configuration.
  • A non-informative error message appears if the project or deploy configuration name equals the system reserved words.


  • A Spreadsheet table can not return 'void' type.
  • Spaces are not supported in the String Range.
  • Value is returned when the return type is 'void' in SmartRules.
  • Incorrect cell type is shown in the hint for Spreadsheet return cell if a wrong return type is set in the header.

Updated Libraries

  • Spring Framework v5.2.13.RELEASE
  • Spring Security v5.4.5
  • Swagger UI v3.41.1
  • CXF v3.4.3
  • XStream v1.4.16

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