Release Notes

v5.24.2 on the GitHub

New Features

CORS support in WebStudio

WebStudio Rest API can now be called from any other web application located on another host or port.



  • Condition parameters can be accessed from other condition expressions, actions, and returns, in rules and smart rules tables. Simplified syntax is used to access decision table condition variables or action variables.
  • Two-dimensional arrays are now supported in conditions of decision tables. Mixing expressions and raw values in decision tables is now supported.
  • SpreadsheetResult values can be defined as input parameters for a rule and tested in a test table.
  • WebStudio now supports changing the Git repository URL from “HTTP” to “HTTPS” without modifying the local path.
  • Validation pattern is changed for a repository name: non-restricted symbols are allowed, length is limited.
  • For a table with the partitioning column in Hive, statements can now be created and inserted.
  • The connection pool for Hive is now supported.

Fixed Bugs


  • The "contains" function does not work properly with the string range if a user enters a number without leading zero.
  • Not all Java syntax formats are supported as parameter types in rules tables.
  • The "Variable 'b' is already defined." error is not displayed on the top of the rules table.
  • The NPE error is displayed to a user in the Rules table if an inconsistent expression is entered for the return.
  • The "There is no index 0 in the sequence" error is displayed to a user in the rules table if an inconsistent expression is entered in the condition.
  • Null pointer exception error is displayed if there is a space in the array declaration in the action column.
  • Null pointer exception error is displayed if a lexical error is encountered in the condition.
  • Null pointer exception error is displayed in the rules table if parentheses are not closed in the condition.
  • Null pointer exception error is displayed if there is a space in the array declaration in the condition.
  • Arrays do not work with external conditions.
  • "class" information cannot be found in the OpenL Tablets datatypes.
  • An external condition does not work with the input parameter used in the expression in another case.
  • The type of return parameters is not considered during the return type validation of the rules table and values in the return column.
  • A reference to the step of another spreadsheet is case insensitive.
  • No warnings are displayed in the method table that has several rows with "return".
  • The "expirationDate" and "endRequestDate" properties are time insensitive.


  • Spreadsheet results are created if the full path is marked as a spreadsheet result in OpenAPI Scaffolding.
  • The "Expected operation is not found for path" error is displayed in the generated project if the path from OpenAPI file contains two methods.
  • The "Is load-balancer or reverse-proxy in front of the local application" check box does not work in SAML configuration
  • Repository name length has no limit and UI gets corrupted when the name is too long.
  • 12 AM and 12 PM are displayed the same way in WebStudio.
  • A branch disappears if it contains ".lock/" in the name.
  • A project immediately turns into view mode if a user with a Cyrillic username edits the project.
  • The "The project is locked by other user" error is displayed on the UID of a user with Cyrillic symbols in the username.
  • A username written in national symbols is incorrectly displayed in the Status column.
  • A project name is skipped in the branch name generated from a template if the project name contains national symbols.
  • A non-informative error is displayed when trying to save a user group with an already existing name.
  • The "Failed to save changes." error is displayed on Trace/Run JSON operation if there is a table with an error.
  • Groovy classes do not work in test tables under Java 8 and Java 15.
  • The internal server error is displayed in the trace pop-up window if the Return column is moved closer to the end.
  • The "Out of memory" error is displayed in the Admin tab if multiple user groups are created.
  • UI is corrupted if the project is not found in WebStudio.
  • The "Sorry! Page Not Found!" error is displayed when clicking a datatype or method from the dependent module.
  • A non-informative error is displayed if a method is absent in the module.
  • The number format is displayed in E notation in the Trace.
  • OpenAPI reconciliation does not work when restoring the previous Excel version after regeneration with OpenAPI Import.
  • A user cannot delete the value in the "Version" field in rules deploy configuration.
  • The error message for the used parameter is not displayed at the top of the rules table.
  • OpenL Tablets WebStudio fails with SAML authentication when the server forbids modification of the application context.
  • An uninformative error message is displayed without relation to any table.
  • The "Passed" or "Failed" markers are not displayed near the step in the compound result for a spreadsheet.
  • When creating a data table, an error is displayed when clicking the "Previous" button in the "Select destination" step.
  • A user cannot set the version in the Rules Deploy Configuration tab.
  • The internal server error is displayed if a user signs in via Active Directory, but the connection to the Active Directory is unavailable.


  • An error appears and no projects are available if there access rights to one of several design repositories are missing.
  • The "Repository "Design": null" error is displayed if a user enters an invalid Git URL.
  • Null pointer exception is displayed in the log when starting OpenL Tablets WebStudio with the non-existing repository name added to the "design-repository-configs" property.
  • Deploy configuration repository properties are missing after migration from OpenL Tablets version 5.23.x to 5.24.0

Rule Services:

  • In OpenL Tablets Rule Services, rules are not redeployed after merge request in Git repository.
  • OpenL Tablets Rule Services fails to start if using "repo-zip" repository without "production-repository.uri" property and with no projects defined.

Webstudio, Rule Service, Demo:

  • Webstudio, Rule Service, Demo Docker images fail to start with non-root users or don't work properly.

Maven plugin:

  • OpenL Maven plugin starts packaging itself when executing two package goals in a single build and goes into an infinite loop.

Updated Libraries

  • Hibernate v.5.4.24.Final
  • Hibernate validator v.5.4.3.Final

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