Release Notes

v5.24.5 on the GitHub



  • The “Run” and “Run into File” buttons in the Run menu and “Trace” and “Trace into File” in the Trace menu are now always visible for the input of any length in spreadsheets and decision tables, and any number of test cases in test tables.

Fixed Bugs


  • The "LOB" runtime context property disappears during rules execution.
  • No error message is displayed if a non-existing rule is called.
  • An error is not displayed if there is a duplicate “C1” column in the rules table.
  • BEX syntax is case sensitive in decision tables.
  • The "java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Multi-reference assignment is not supported" error is not displayed after project compilation, only after running the test.
  • Misleading hint is displayed for the output object in smart rules.


  • The "Compare Excel files" window is not opened if the "Table Dependencies" window is displayed.
  • A non-informative error is displayed when updating a module and the module is opened in Excel.
  • In Editor, a loader is displayed to a user every 5 seconds on a project page.
  • The NPE error is displayed in the log when opening a datatype table which is divided to table parts.

Rule Services:

  • An ambiguous status code is received in responses for null and non-null values.

Updated Libraries

  • Cassandra driver v4.12.0
  • Spring Framework v5.3.9
  • Spring Boot v2.5.2
  • Spring Security v5.5.1
  • ASM v9.2
  • slf4j v1.7.31
  • Jetty v9.4.43.v20210629
  • Tomcat v9.0.50
  • Commons IO v2.11.0
  • Swagger UI v3.51.1
  • HikariCP v4.0.3
  • Elasticsearch v6.8.17

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