Release Notes

v5.24.6 on the GitHub

Fixed Bugs


  • The "Failure in the method: autocast" error is displayed if the method is called for the array.
  • The "Flatten(Datatype[][], Datatype[])" function returns "Object[]" instead of "MyDatatype[]".
  • The “NullPointerException” error is displayed in the data table.
  • The “ClassCastException” error is displayed on running the table if condition expressions access the return value.
  • An extra dimension is added to the condition input parameter of the array type.
  • Merged cells in a condition are interpreted as “C1” instead of “MC1” in smart rules and smart lookup tables.
  • The “NullPointerException” error is displayed if the external condition contains an error.
  • The “NullPointerException” error is displayed if the columns cannot be matched properly in a simple lookup table.


  • The "StringIndexOutOfBoundsException" error appears in the log file if there is a ternary operation in a spreadsheet table.
  • Empty aliases are incorrectly displayed in Rules Editor.
  • The "Project source file was modified" pop-up window is displayed on editing and branch merge in Rules Editor.
  • A user is redirected to a module page if after editing a table in the Rules Editor, the table overflows another table in the Excel file.
  • A module cannot be opened if the last symbol in the Excel file name is a space.
  • The “NullPointerException” error appears in the log and no hints are displayed if a step in a spreadsheet table contains a ternary operation and is cast to an array.
  • All commit history is split into two lines if a long comment is added to a commit.
  • The “NullPointerException” error appears in the log if the condition title is empty.
  • The “Test" button in the table menu runs tests only in the currently opened module.
  • A horizontal scroller appears when user groups have many privileges defined.
  • The “Test" button is not displayed in the table menu if tests are stored in another module.
  • The wrong total number of errors is displayed in the table tree if two active versions of the same table exist.
  • The error " Unable to delete directory…" is displayed in logs and sometimes on the UI when saving the project that another project depends on.


  • The “NullPointerException” error is displayed in the Repository tab if a project folder is deleted outside OpenL Tablets WebStudio, from a branch with several projects.
  • The "Cannot delete the branch" error message is displayed upon the attempt to delete a branch where another project is opened.
  • A local project appears after the branch is deleted.

Rule Services:

  • The request fails with the “NullPointerException” error if a short condition alias is used in the return of the rules table.
  • Incorrect step names are displayed in JSON response for spreadsheet steps if jackson.propertyNamingStrategy is specified in rules deploy configuration.

Updated Libraries

  • Cassandra driver v4.13.0
  • Spring Boot v2.5.4
  • Spring Security v5.5.2
  • slf4j v1.7.32
  • Tomcat v9.0.52
  • Swagger UI v3.51.2
  • Elasticsearch v6.8.18
  • Microsoft JDBC Driver v9.4.0.jre8
  • commons-compress v1.21
  • Zookeeper v3.7.0
  • Apache Ant v1.10.11
  • Netty v4.1.67.Final
  • XStream v1.4.18

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