Release Notes

v5.25.0 on the GitHub

New Features

Project Tags and Grouping

Creating project tags, assigning them to projects, and filtering projects in OpenL Tablets WebStudio repository by tags is now supported. This new functionality includes the following changes:

- The Tags section is added to the administration tab to create, edit, and delete tags and tag types.

- The tags component is added to the “Create project” tab, the “Copy project” tab, and the project properties tab to assign existing or new tags to projects.

- Automatically filling tags for projects based on the project name template is supported.

- Grouping projects in the repository tree by tag types or design repository name is supported.

- The “Expand All” and “Collapse All” buttons are added to expand and collapse the repository tree structure.

Title and External Condition Support for Horizontal Conditions

Titles and external conditions are now supported for horizontal conditions and external returns in smart lookup tables. This functionality allows defining complex expressions for all conditions and returning expressions to calculate the return value via external tables.

Multi-Module Project Loading Redesign

This new functionality includes the following changes:

- Projects are now viewed in the multi-module mode by default.

- A module is now opened right after loading, while the whole project loading continues in background.

- A loading progress bar is displayed in the “Problems” section of the project opened in Rules Editor.

- Errors and warnings are displayed dynamically while more modules are loaded.

- If changes are made to a module during loading, this module is reloaded and project loading continues.

- The “Within Current Module Only” check box is added to the menu of the “Test”, “Run”, “Trace”, and “Benchmark” buttons to limit the appropriate actions to the opened module only, or apply them to the whole project.

- While the project is being loaded, the “Run”, “Trace”, “Test”, “Benchmark” actions can be performed only for the opened module.



  • The "Filter files by extension" and “Repository” filters are removed from the "Filter" section in Repository Editor.
  • The "Compile This Module Only:'' check box is displayed on the “Edit module” pop-up window if the corresponding property is set to true in the project rules.xml file. In this case, this check box stays always selected on UI.
  • A new ‘Put’ method for creating and updating projects is added in OpenL Tablets WebStudio.
  • New ‘Get’ methods for retrieving a list of repositories or projects in the defined repository are added.
  • Compilation of dependent projects is improved.

Rule Services:

  • The StoreLogData feature refactoring is performed: the ability to disable the StoreLogData save operation for a single entity in runtime is added, custom implementations of StoreLogData Converter interface are improved, and “DefaultConverter” is renamed to “NoConverter”.


  • Optional Entity ID parameter is added to the SAML configuration.

Fixed Bugs


  • Incorrect downcast behavior occurs at runtime.
  • The “ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException” error appears in the log for smart rules with unmatched titles.


  • “NullPointerException” error appears in the log if any smart rules tables with multiple merged conditions are opened.

Known Issues

  • A new tag value isn't saved on hitting "Enter" on the "Create project" dialog if the tag type is both optional and extensible. Solution: click outside the drop-down field instead of hitting 'Enter'.

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