Release Notes

v5.25.1 on the GitHub

New Features

Protected branches functionality

An ability to prevent pushing erroneous changes into the main or release branches is added. A user can define the list of Git Design Repository branches in the "Protected branches" field in the Admin tab or using the "" property



  • Ubuntu Focal base image and JRE are used to reduce vulnerabilities


  • By default, no test cases is selected in the Trace menu for a test table.

Rule Services:

  • Data storage is supported for the SQL database

Fixed Bugs

Rule Services:

  • Memory consumption increased in Rule Services.
  • Exceptions from StoreLogDataAdvice are ignored.
  • Libraries incompatibility for Jaeger + JBoss 7.3 + Java11.


  • The project list is cleared if the entered comment does not match the validation pattern.
  • The "Hide deleted projects:" filter is not applied properly for the project list if grouping is used.
  • Errors in a browser console appear if a user synchronizes branches while compilation is in progress.
  • The error is logged if a user closes or deletes a project after exporting it.
  • The "WebStudio can't open two projects with the same name." error is displayed on opening a revision of deployment configuration.
  • A new tag value is not saved on pressing Enter in the "Create project" window if the tag type is optional and extensible.
  • The table cannot be opened for editing if the Excel tab contains non-alphabetical symbols.
  • The "Project is not found." error is displayed on receiving an update from the branch where the current module is deleted.
  • UI is displayed incorrectly in the Admin tab if a repository name is too long. Instead, the repository name must be cut to fit the UI field.
  • The revisions list disappears when opening a project while the "Revisions" tab is displayed.
  • New fields appear in the Admin tab for the design repository if a user presses Enter.
  • The "Select Excel file" drop-down list is reset if a user selects another branch.
  • The Run and Trace features do not work properly with context fields if the table contains a property.
  • The "Failed to open project" error is displayed on opening a project from deployment configuration if "Flat folder structure:" is set to false.
  • Performance is slow due to extra dependencies in environment tables.
  • Compilation doesn't restart on module update if the project has dependency on other projects' all modules.

Maven plugin:

  • Maven build fails with NullPointerException.


  • Test failure occurs because comparison to the default value is applied.
  • An error message for a transposed rules table is displayed if the error is in the return expression.
  • The index column is incorrectly selected for an array if the datatype is inherited.
  • The cell type for a common spreadsheet step is defined as an object when the same step has a defined type in other steps.
  • An external return is not matched properly with SmartLookuptable if the height of horizontal condition is >3.


  • A user is unable to delete the module after the file is uploaded to the project in the Repository tab.
  • The project with Groovy scripts cannot be successfully deployed within the demo package

Other Changes:

  • RuleServiceInstantiationFactoryHelper is refactored to avoid automatically changing return type based on the generic type of advices.
  • Dependency on Hive from Rule Service WS-ALL is removed due vulnerabilities in the libraries

Updated Libraries

  • Tomcat 9.0.54
  • Spring Boot 2.5.5
  • Spring 5.3.10
  • Apache Kafka 2.8.1
  • Apache CXF 3.4.5
  • Jetty Server 9.4.44.v20210927
  • Elasticsearch 6.8.19
  • OWASP 6.3.2
  • Groovy 3.0.9
  • Maven WAR Plugin 3.3.2
  • Maven Project Info Reports Plugin 3.1.2
  • Swagger UI 3.52.3
  • Swagger 1.6.3
  • Spring Elasticsearch 3.2.13.RELEASE
  • Joda Time 2.10.12
  • JGit

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